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  1. 69sunfireGTX

    Carb tuning: Bog off idle.

    Wow! lots of work and you still haven't checked or played with the timing. That should be one of the first things you check before tearing into everything else. Now you are talking about taking off the intake. What makes you think that your balancer is not out of whack? Did you check it against...
  2. 69sunfireGTX

    Carb tuning: Bog off idle.

    Give it more initial timing (18-20) and see what happens
  3. 69sunfireGTX

    She wants to stall when going down steep grades.

    Where is the regulator mounted? I don't see it in the pictures
  4. 69sunfireGTX

    A little side project

    Looks and sounds great. :thumbsup:
  5. 69sunfireGTX

    Difference in intakes

    If you have an original 1977 440 you will not be making 375-400hp. Even if you did some engine work you would most likely not be making the horsepower that you are looking to make using the Thermoquad off the 1977 engine
  6. 69sunfireGTX

    Another 8082

    That's what I like to see. :thumbsup: Thank you. I never played around with Dominator carbs. I have much to learn.
  7. 69sunfireGTX

    Another 8082

    Well? What did you change and why? I need info :popcorn:
  8. 69sunfireGTX

    Vented Gas cap for 69 ?

    I'm sure you will have more leaks from the vented part do to the sloshing of fuel on stop and go applications. This is the way you have it?
  9. 69sunfireGTX

    fuel vapor separator on 440 6pak?

    If it is .060 it is. The info is right here on the picture . It says Metered orifice .060 inch