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  1. 69sunfireGTX

    70 Roadrunner smashed windshield, opinions wanted

    Let me know if you find someone good. I paid big bucks for a Steel gasket and my guy said it would never leak even without the bedding as long as we used that gasket. Guess what, it leaks like a waterfall! :BangHead: I knew I should have done it myself. Im in north jersey near Morristown. I...
  2. 69sunfireGTX

    Pics from Back in the Day

    Maybe its a factory six cylinder shaker hood. :lol:
  3. 69sunfireGTX

    1969 GTX repo trunk trim panel...anyone try one?

    I would like to know also. Looking to buy one myself.
  4. 69sunfireGTX

    Ramcharger cabel lenght ?

    Is this the air grabber cable?
  5. 69sunfireGTX

    My Christmas gift wouldn't fit down the chimney

    It looks like a tribute car to me. You don't have enough paperwork for proof. . . . . . . . . . .:lol:
  6. 69sunfireGTX

    1969 Charger Rolling Chassis

    That's not nice. :lol:
  7. 69sunfireGTX

    1969 GTX reverse light bracket/mount

    Thanks Threewood, Thats exactly what I was looking for. :thumbsup: Is that aluminum or stainless?
  8. 69sunfireGTX

    1969 GTX reverse light bracket/mount

    I have the old set but they are rotten beyond repair. The new set I bought only comes with a gasket on the back side. There was no U shaped bracket with it. I guess I was asking to much when I paid $145.00 for them. I'm sure I can fab up what ever I need to, but a picture would really help get...
  9. 69sunfireGTX

    1969 GTX reverse light bracket/mount

    Does anyone have a picture of the reverse light hold down bracket that goes behind the bumper? My car came in a bunch of boxes when I bought it and there were no reverse lights nor mounting plates. After 3 years of work it's ready for some back up lights.
  10. 69sunfireGTX

    Vin #'s

    Only if you need it to 100% matching. Probably has been replaced at some time in its life. Accident, rot, etc.
  11. 69sunfireGTX

    1969 Road Runner Firewall Holes

    Air grabber cable hole