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    I thought I knew pretty much everything about 60's muscle. I guess not. 1967 Ford Fairlane 500 427. 425hp.

    Years ago, I Purchased a 67 Fairlane Convertible in Wimbledon White and Black Interior. Looked all stock and just like your grandpa would drive. Until you turned the key- Stroked 460 w C9 heads and c6 transmission and more. Sold it a few years later and still regret that- but it introduced me to...
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    Considering Selling the GTX

    personally- i think the market has peaked. Gone are the days of low interest loans for these cars that many would use as an occasional driver. Those with cash are waiting for other opportunities in the coming years. I'd say do it now before the inventory increases and downward pressure happens...
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    We have owned Airedales over the years and had a female that loved to hunt in the yard. Rabbits, squirrels, and skunks. First time she got sprayed she runs back in the house before we can figure out what is going on- the fresh smell is like burning plastic! she and the house reeked! A few years...
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    Who has MOVED from their home state ? How difficult was it for you?

    Hey-O hit the nail on the head. It can work well in certain examples. I was just offered it on a investment property but the income (even at the discounted rate) still didnt make sense due to extremely high HOA.
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    Who has MOVED from their home state ? How difficult was it for you?

    Kern- looking at my screen name and you can guess what my career is ( not all of us are bad, I promise!). Growing up, i moved every 6-7 years and this continued until I was 30. Finally settled on the East Coast and have been in RI for past 20 years. My quick read on your post above- your home...
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    Selling my dart to buy a 67 charger

    Motors aren’t too bad; and even gauge can be a simple ground. Do all EL lights work? That can be a pricey fix
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    The Best Year for the Charger?

    I’ll take a financial viewpoint and say Gen 1 ( and because I’m a new owner!). I was able to locate an original 67 with 383 4 speed factory air and power windows. Driver quality and then some. 30k. It sits next to a Gen 2 at the local speed shop that was pulled from TX and essentially a shell...
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    Which wheels are you running with Wilwood 12" rotors?

    I ended up after 2 sets of steelies, going to a 17 Magnum. I too wanted the stock look and the 15 was never going to work. So, sent them back and ordered some 17 steel ( OEM style for 67) thinking these would surely fit. And these also had to be returned due to the conical shape of wheel between...
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    Any Jeep folks here?

    Mine is from EBay from a few years ago, located in Modesto, 2nd owner. Pulled the rugs and no rust. New interior, added a sniper and now can cold start w the best of them and run every day. Provided I can keep my foot out of it.
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    Any Jeep folks here?

    My new GC 4xe ( avg 27mpg) next to my restored 75 Wagoneer w 401 ( avg 7 mpg!) Wife has an 18 Wrangler. We should be in a Jeep commercial.
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    Teens Love Old Rock Band T-Shirts. Just Don’t Ask Them to Name a Song

    I walked into my 14 year old daughters room the other week( I don’t knock, rules of the house) and to my joy, I heard Pink Floyd playing from her speakers. I looked at her in amazement with the biggest grin and asked “ do you know who this is?” She responded with “ duh, Dad- it’s Pink Floyd-...
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    Wheel Wednesday

    17 Magnums
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    Our neighborhood sucks for Trick or Treaters.

    We are lucky- the town shuts down a few blocks where I live and kids come in droves. I put on a show- smoke machines, motion activated stuff, spooky music. They are rewarded with full size candy bars and their eyes light up. 350 pieces this year and I ran out by 7:30!!
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    Holy price increase Batman - McLeod style

    Compared to the Centerforce twin disc, that’s still a bargain( 1600$!!)
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    Mopar Turquoise Engine Paint

    Here is underside of intake; which we thought was original paint. Color matched to paint engine and it was too green. Ordered Bill Hirsch and the difference was apparent. The “splotches” are the BS paint next to it. Perhaps a change in color by factory, perhaps with heat. All I can say the...
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    Gas Monkey sell off!

    video posted today that announces entire Rawlings collection to be auctioned off on BaT in near future. Taxes, beer debt or ?
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    Classic car prices dip?

    Was just chatting w owner of a restoration shop about this and whether he was concerned in next 2 years for business. He stated while he has some “younger clients” who are clearly throwing fun coupons at a toy, many of the clients are retired, 70+ and don’t give a damn what the car market does...