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    Where to buy a A833 supplier recommendations ?

    Go with Brewer's. They know what they're doing. Worth the wait.
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    Wanted to get feedback on this restomod charger I am considering

    The VIN tag "relocated" to the door jamb, and pop riveted in place, will get the car impounded in a lot of states. RUN !!!
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    For Sale * NOT Mine* 1972 Dodge Charger SE Power Sun Roof $3250

    I'd like to have a sunroof for my '72 SE. If that car wasn't almost 1000 miles away, I'd probably be a buyer.
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    A drawback of being Nordic.

    It's a real thing. I'm 59. My fingers sometimes lock up in interesting positions. Have for many years. When I had my DNA done a few years ago, there was a small percentage of Irish, ( I understand that the Vikings left a bunch of their DNA in Ireland ) The rest of me comes from Norway...
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    Sacramento sucks sometimes

    Good luck. :thumbsup:
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    Sacramento sucks sometimes

    You'll need to scroll down this page a bit. : https://www.arizona-classic.com/Windshields.htm#*************************_CHRYSLER/DODGE_**************************
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    My first B body vert. project

    Nice looking car. It belonged to the local (now deceased) Mayor. I'm glad you got it. I was afraid some rip off place like Gateway or Fastlane would get it.