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  1. dantrap

    Upgrade to Wilwood Master Cylinder: Brakeline plumbing questions

    Watermelon, your schmetic is correct. I put the adjustable proportional valve along the sub-frame connectors up out of the way. You can mount it out of site close to your floor or fab a support bracket out of sheet metal and tackit to the floor. Once you install everything, blead the system and...
  2. dantrap

    Hood scoop

    Hey Superstockracer that Black car looks total Badass, Great car!!!
  3. dantrap

    Ok...now what carb??

    Put a 750 Vacuum secs. or 780 on the M1 and you should be good to go.
  4. dantrap

    1967 gtx

    On a 69 now, 295-69-15 M&T street on 15 x 10 / 5 inch BS, 3 1/2 " inside clearance to leaf spring and approx 1 1/4 to 1 3/8 to to rolled quarter lip. That tire is 29.5 tall with a 13" cross section, Approx 10 1/4 foot print. Also a 30 x 12.5 M&T ET Drag on a 15 x 12 with 6" back space. Its...
  5. dantrap

    1967 gtx

    Hi All, My 69 dimensions may not be correct for the 67 and down cars, but the links show the detailed info for those who want to relocate the leaf springs into the frame rails using the MP kit. Hope this helps clears things up. Good luck
  6. dantrap

    1967 gtx

    Ya, going up Saturday morning to see old school cars, hope they dont get to much breakage like the last time the Gasser were there.
  7. dantrap

    1967 gtx

    I dont believe you even have to relocate the springs with that size tire combo.
  8. dantrap

    1967 gtx

    Here is another good reference with pictures for doing the spring relocation process. http://www.bigblockdart.com/techpages/springs.shtml
  9. dantrap

    1967 gtx

    Here is another good reference with pictures for doing the spring relocation process. http://www.bigblockdart.com/techpages/springs.shtml
  10. dantrap

    1967 gtx

    Hi 66, mine was done on a 69-b body. The conversion work (cutting & Welding) would be the same. But for any modification I would measure your setup before purchasing any wheels or tires. Raiser is a local drag racer from WNY and has been around long enough to know that. The information i sent is...
  11. dantrap

    1967 gtx

    Here is a picture showing the front hanger relocated into the frame rails. http://www.bigblockdart.com/index.ph...c,39330.0.html
  12. dantrap

    1967 gtx

    2nd try for the web site: http://www.hotrod.com/projectbuild/1970_dodge_super_bee_leaf_spring_suspension/index.html
  13. dantrap

    1967 gtx

    Raiser, here is the link to the article from Hot Rod, its dated material but should help you out. Their is also some good info on the "Big block dart" web site. Good Luck. Dan
  14. dantrap

    1967 gtx

    Hey RAiser, Had Jay Vitez do mine, hes from our area. I can fit a 30 x 13.00 slick on a 15 x 12 with 6 1/2" backspace. The car has a mono leaf and cal trac bars. I will look up an article from Hot Rods Project Super BEE and post the link, it give step by step details and dimensions.
  15. dantrap

    66 Hemi Coronet clone project anyone?

    Hey Banker, Spend the coin and build yourself a Big inch Indy Hemi. Build it the way you want it. Enjoy it.
  16. dantrap

    Fitting bigger tires

    Rolling the lip on you wheel well makes for a nice clean safe surface. It has been done for years, Eastwood company sells a rolling tool. I believe you can hammer and restore the lip if you ever wanted to do so in the future. i have seen the lip cut off also its just does not look as good to me...
  17. dantrap

    Drum to Disc brakes?

    I did the Mopar action A or F body swap using Mriada 1981 spindles and a quality rotor from SSDB on my 69 roadrunner. I also upgraded to a modern master cylinder, new lines, silcon fluid etc. The master is biased 63/37 % to the front disc without an additional proportional valve (10" drums Rear)...