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  1. DownZero

    Maryland Int'l Raceway - Mopar Eastern Classic

    He rolled it right before I left. Burn out gone bad. He's fine but the car is toast.
  2. DownZero

    Maryland Int'l Raceway - Mopar Eastern Classic

    Congrats. I believe I saw your ride earlier this year. Didn't make it there because I was already committed to the American legion show the same day.
  3. DownZero

    Name a hated car that you wouldn't mind owning.

    Would love to have a Gremlin with the 304. Had one many moons ago. What blast to drive.
  4. DownZero

    FOR SALE 1984 Camaro Z-28 for sale

    Selling my wife's camaro. It's an all original z-28 with a 305 and automatic trans. Updated stereo. (I have the originall) the t-tops and seals are in great shape. Body and paint in great shape. Interior has no tears, rips,or cracks. A/C blows cold. Located in Maryland. Can email more pics if...
  5. DownZero

    Freeze plug leak.

    If you really want a temporary fix without removing the plug, drain the coolant. Just need it to be lower than the plug. Blow dry the plug real good, smear some silicone sealant on it then let dry for at least 24 hours.
  6. DownZero

    Black Ghost going to auction.

    Strange thing about that car being displayed at Mecum this weekend. The majority of the time there was always a LEO standing next to it. Watched many mecum auctions and all of them had a display car. Never saw a cop "gaurding" it like that.
  7. DownZero

    Pictures of Your Car in Unique Places

    This was in front of a recently retired blue angle at the PAX river naval air museum.
  8. DownZero

    FOR SALE 1968 Dodge Charger $25,000

    Is this car still for sale?
  9. DownZero

    NASCAR Today

    It's not quite that straight forward. Many variables come into play. Took some big stones to attempt that and pull it off safely. That's like saying drag racing games no skill. You just mash the gas and go straight. Right?
  10. DownZero

    NASCAR Today

    If you think it took 0 skill to complete that move then you obviously never raced oval track.
  11. DownZero

    A few Mopars at today's show

    It's the same car.
  12. DownZero

    A few Mopars at today's show

    Yes it was. A great turn out. I was the only charger there.
  13. DownZero

    A few Mopars at today's show

    Beautiful day here in maryland. About 400 cars in today's show. Very few mopars. If the boat tail Riviera looks familiar, yea, it's the one that came from Counts Kustoms.
  14. DownZero

    Local car show today

    Looks like a good day out.
  15. DownZero

    Anyone Esle in the Garage Waiting on Spring

    First show of the year here today. 640 judged cars. Closer to 700 total cars. I did manage to take a top 75 award. :)
  16. DownZero

    FOR SALE 1995 Bass Cat bass boat

    Selling my 1995 Pantera II dual console bass boat. Super condition. Garage kept. Very low hours. Mercury 150hp fuel inj. Comes with optional flipping deck, 6" manual jack plate, eloctronics, and factory cover. You would be hard pressed to find a cleaner 20+ year old boat elsewhere. Solid...
  17. DownZero

    barrett Jackson ridiculous prices

    I agree. Stupid crazy prices.
  18. DownZero

    Does anyone know this gtx vert?

    That is a very recent paint job. Almost no paint scratched off the trunk striker.
  19. DownZero

    Can someone educate me about a side by side?

    Cub cadet makes a few models. Reasonably priced and good quality.
  20. DownZero

    Towing question

    How much toung weight do you have with that bird in the trailer? Is that a 24 footer?