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    FOR SALE Milodon oil pump drive gear

    SPF. Thank you.
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    FOR SALE Milodon oil pan/ pick up

    SPF Thank you.
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    FOR SALE Milodon oil pan/ pick up

    Cleared. Thanks.
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    FOR SALE 69 8 3/4 diff

    This would be a guess. 3.23 and limited slip but that was 6 yrs ago. I torched the motor and can't remember if it's a limited slip or not. I will look through the center section serial# and update. Thoughts?? Thanks
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    FOR SALE 69 8 3/4 diff

    Will Do
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    FOR SALE 69 AMD fuel tank

    Sale - AMD fuel tank for 69 Coronet/Super Bee. New with a small dent that is visible when mounted. 125.00 Located in Lancaster,Pa. Pick up only. Thanks
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    FOR SALE Milodon oil pump drive gear

    Sale- Mildon oil pump drive gear. 21505. Use for hyd and flat tappet cams. New. 150.00 Located in Lancaster, Pa. Thanks
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    FOR SALE Milodon oil pan/ pick up

    Sale- Milodon oil pan 30761. 6 qt and pick up 18660. New in the box. 250.00 for the pair. Located in Lancaster, Pa
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    FOR SALE Comp cam and lifters Flat tappet

    Sale- Comp cams and lifters. Cam- Hyd flat tappet 145-1228 adv dur 285/297 dur @.050 241/247 Lift.545/.545 Lifters- Comp pro magnum hyd lifters. New old stock. 300.00 for the pair. Located in Lancaster, Pa Thanks
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    FOR SALE Auto twirler

    Sale- Auto twirler body cart. In good shape with overspray and some media grit in wheels. Set up for B body. Complete with hardware and brackets. 300.00 in Lancaster, Pa . Thanks
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    FOR SALE 69 8 3/4 diff

    Sale - A 83/4 diff housing and 741 center case. Out of 69 Super Bee. Located in Lancaster ,Pa. 900.00 Pick up only. Thanks
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    FOR SALE 69 Super Bee hood trim

    Sale- The drop down hood molding for 69 Coronet/Super Bee. Nice shape. Can ship this . 150.00 Located in Lancaster, Pa
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    FOR SALE 69 Coronet/Super Bee front r/s fender

    Sale- Right front fender for 69 Coronet/ Super Bee. The fender is going to need a good bit of work . All the usual suspects . Dents and some spot rust. Price- 350.00 . Local pick up in Lancaster, PA Thanks
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    Swage 69 door end seal

    What is the process of swaging the door end seal to the door weather strip? Installing the OER door seals with the hinge side end seal already attached. Thanks
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    New motor is finally here!

    I am running eddy victor 440 heads on my 512 set up. They have been a real pain as the finish machining on valves and valve guides were both out of spec. Please check with your builder about these conditions. best wishes on your project.
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    FOR SALE 65-67 Coronet, more

    Hi, is this vent window glass for a sedan? Thanks
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    440 build

    Thanks for the input. The motor we pulled from my 65 coronet and hoped to do the top end but on teardown found 2 different head castings on the motor witch made us want to tear the rest apart. Good we did as we found 2 lightly scored cylinders from crap KB cast pistons. Also block is .55 over...
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    440 build

    Looking for help in finding a engine builder that can build a B/RB engine in 600hp range. There are many but which is best? Thanks