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    Myles Goodwin won’t be down for breakfast.

    McLean and McLean were from Glace Bay, Nova Scotia iirc and were more of a comedy act than a rock band. I was under the impression that April Wine were based in Montreal Quebec ? Either way great talents and may they RIP.
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    Blue dot taillamps? 68 Charger?

    With eyes that light up when you signal or brake
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    Blue dot taillamps? 68 Charger?

    I guess the big fuzzy dice along with the purple passion lights are a No No as well ??
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    Blue dot taillamps? 68 Charger?

    Never ran em on any of my cars but I did on my Harleys. My suggestion is to get the real glass ones not the cheap plastic ones. The glass deflects/reflects, (not sure of the correct definition) where as the plastic not so good if at all. I always thought they looked cool. Go for it. Just my...
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    For Sale *Not Mine* 70 Duster 7.9k Philly

    Looks solid . Maybe get away with minimal or no body work. Way ahead $$$$ wise.
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    64 Only

    Also might have a certified speedometer that goes up to 150 mph ?? Also I thought the prefix in the vin started with "PK...." ?? Not 100% sure but I'm sure others will know more than I. Nice score and good luck with it .
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    FOR SALE 1970 340 Engine For Sale in Southern Wisconsin

    Hard to tell but they don't appear to be early style (68-70) but later 72 up ?? Casting numbers would definitely help. Should be X heads IIRC.
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    FOR SALE 1970 340 Engine For Sale in Southern Wisconsin

    Engine sitting for decades, does engine turn over ??
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    1970 FM3 Satellite Conv - The car that should have been crushed

    Congratulations. Looks fantastic. Probably looks better than it did in the Paul Willison showroom when new.
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    67 coronet R/T

    Of course not. Lol.
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    67 coronet R/T

    I was afraid of that. Unfortunately that's what I thought (red). Wonder if the red one is available ??
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    67 coronet R/T

    Not sure if this is the right place for my question but here it goes....what colour pie plate should I have for an original 440 ci 67 coronet R/T, orange or red ???
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    WTB 1966/67 Coronet front, right and both rear wheel opening mouldings

    Fronts are the same but rears are different I do believe. Different shape wheel opening ???
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    Bad fuel messed up valves?

    Came across this thread and thought wow never really thought about this. So my question is how long do you consider old....1/2 years ? Coincidently a close friend called me last week and explained his freshly built big block hadn't been started in over one year . He had health issues and...
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    WTB 1966/67 Coronet front, right and both rear wheel opening mouldings

    I have a pair of rear w/o mouldings that your looking for. Can dig out and posts pics if interested. Let me know. Thanks
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    SOLD 69 Plymouth Roadrunner

    It's in the description "$36,000 takes it"
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    I would like to be wrong on this 67 Coronet...

    I was referring to #1 post picture, again looks correct other than missing the R/T emblem. Doesn't have the horizontal bar. Post #39 I believe isn't the vehicle that the OP was referring to ??