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    SOLD Big Barn cleanout

    Where, exactly is "St. Elsewhere" ?
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    Where to buy a A833 supplier recommendations ?

    Go with Brewer's. They know what they're doing. Worth the wait.
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    Wanted to get feedback on this restomod charger I am considering

    The VIN tag "relocated" to the door jamb, and pop riveted in place, will get the car impounded in a lot of states. RUN !!!
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    Wanting to change to Tan from Black

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    1970 Plymouth Superbird Aluminum Nose Cone?

    Gean Gregory was selling some aluminum Super bird nosecones several years ago. Looking at the "star" of this video, My first thought was "Damn, I thought "Prince" was dead...and black" !
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    Wrong MC for disc/drum?

    Thanks for the information. Very helpful. Judging from the pictures I've found, the ports on the Raybestos MC36283 Exit on the fender side, correct? I'll need that because of the Hemi. I'll just look around a little for the best price. The question of the distribution block remains... Maybe one...
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    FOR SALE Fratzog Emblem for Grant Classic Steering Wheels

    I just ordered two on ebay. I'm making a custom/modified steering wheel for my car and I needed something to dress up the horn button. This should do the trick.
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    Wrong MC for disc/drum?

    Which one should I order for a '69 Charger with FMJ front discs and 11 inch rear drums? Non Power. What distribution block should be used? What difference does the bore size make?
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    SOLD 69 charger sunroof

    P.M. Sent.
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    Replating non console 70 hurst pistol grip handle - slip fit

    http://www.brewersperformance.com/4speed.php They'll know what to do.
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    For Sale * NOT Mine* 1972 Dodge Charger SE Power Sun Roof $3250

    I'd like to have a sunroof for my '72 SE. If that car wasn't almost 1000 miles away, I'd probably be a buyer.
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    SOLD 1979 Dodge Magnum XE t-top

    I would be a buyer at $1000 if it were closer. 10 + hours each way towing a trailer ain't gonna happen...
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    Bill Hirsch Hemi orange engine paint...

    I haven't used it yet. I hope it hasn't petrified in the can.
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    SOLD Shock Extensions

    PM sent
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    SOLD 68 Drivetrain - 318, transmission

    Private message sent. I think.