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  1. dantrap

    Pete's Garage

    Pete is a stand-up guy. Worked with him at the GM Tonawanda engine plant as engineers. He has worked on all different types of engines, knows his stuff. If he does not have the answer, he knows somebody the does.
  2. dantrap

    Doug's Headers

    Just installed Doug's 452's in my 1969RR with 512. No issue with torsion bar on driver side (3/8 clear). Passenger side has no issues, but was a pain to install. Driver side was quick and easy. Angled Plugs fit good with my aftermarket heads.
  3. dantrap

    Synthetic brake fluid, OK?

    i have been using dot 5 for a long time no issues at all. The complete brake system was fresh, lines, hosed calipers etc. No issues.
  4. dantrap

    Aftermarket tilt wheel and rack & pinon conversion for 69 B

    Ya my car has fresh everything in the front end,tubilar arms, fresh box etc. I drove my friends 70 challenger with a power rack and liked the way it drove thats all. I have been doing this for a long time and want to try something different. Its like why do i need a new 512cid for a street car...
  5. dantrap

    Aftermarket tilt wheel and rack & pinon conversion for 69 B

    Has any one done a conversion to a power rack & pinon setup ? Also how about a tilt wheel aftermarket conversion for a 69 with the in dash ign. sw.? They used to be available but they now all seem to be obsolete by the manufactures. i been out of the game for a few years but getting back in now...
  6. dantrap

    Need a 400/451 Engine Build Recipe. Help!

    Muscle motors are the low deck King pins. Give them a call.
  7. dantrap

    FOR SALE B-body dana drive shaft's

    does the new shaft come with the yoke? Thanks
  8. dantrap

    '70 Fiberglass RR Fender Question

    You can use them on a street car, but they require a lot of work/blocking to get straight.
  9. dantrap

    '71 Hemi Road Runner retro 70's build

    Great Setup! Back a few years a friend of mine had a 71-440 car with the air grabber hood. We had blast with that one. Good luck on your project.
  10. dantrap

    Mini starter will not engage

    Its a billet flywheel, the bendix is not moving. The car uses a Lakewood bellhousing no access covers. Nothing else changed.
  11. dantrap

    Mini starter will not engage

    Ya, I am going to have to pull it again. Its fully seated, i did not know there was a different tooth count on the factory mini starters. I used them for years without any problems. Thanks.
  12. dantrap

    Mini starter will not engage

    I don't have the old starter so I cant check. I would believe they are the same. Starter spins but the bendix does not push out to engage the drive gear. It does on the bench however. Checked all the voltages and they are 12.5v minimum at all points I tested. I do not have any burnt or damaged...
  13. dantrap

    Mini starter will not engage

    Hi, I just replaced a mini starter in my 69with the type same mid 90s mini starter. Replaced the wiring from the relay and the relay to the starter. Cleaned the connections at the firewall pass thru connector, the ignition switch works. Checked all grounds and they are clean and tight. Oh-ya...
  14. dantrap

    Help with dipstick and headers -440

    You can use a flexable braded unit from Milidon. I am sure several other suppliers make them too. They cost a few bucks but work well, try Mancini they will have one.