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    FOR SALE NOS 2266034/1948539 Tailpipe for sale delivery to Carlisle on Friday JULY 14 2023 1960-61 Chrysler, DeSoto, Ply HP engine

    My research shows this NOS 2266034 tailpipe is the same as part number 1948539 and fits the following cars: 1960 DeSoto, 1960-61 Dodge and Plymouth right side with H/P engine, 1960-61 Chrysler 300G w/Ram Manifold, 1962 Chrysler 300 all models and 1963-64 Dodge 880 and Chrysler Newport with...
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    There is just nothing like a classic car with manual steering

    Well now.....just wait until you are still driving a factory fast ratio manual steering A-body as you approach the 80th year of life. It's great on the open road, but you will need the arm strength of a 60 year old when you want to park the dang thing. A-body, not B-body mind you. Requests to...
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    Fan Clutch ID

    27052060 is not a Chrysler part number. One too many digits, late sixties part numbers would have been a max of seven digits. For example: 2705206
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    SOLD 4 7.75 Goodrich Blue Stripe Tires

    What is the manufacture of the tires?
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    Am i crazy (Driving 69 Satellite from Kentucky to Oregon)?

    And that same car today. Yipee..made it home.
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    Am i crazy (Driving 69 Satellite from Kentucky to Oregon)?

    From my own experience of flying one way from VA to CA to buy and drive home 3,000 miles two early Chargers....know this: Don't believe seller claims of "I wouldn't be afraid to get in and drive this car across the country, even with gramma in the back seat". Only a fool should believe it. But...
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    Coolest '66-'67 Charger Ever

    To each his own....I see this early Charger as different in a way that doesn't appeal to me. I prefer keeping my early Chargers looking as original as possible and thus maintaining the already cool look.
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    Door moulding, 1966 Charger versus 1966 Satellite ?

    Charger= 2586298/9 Satellite= 2586268/9
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    WTB 67 coronet heater core

    Several recent posts on this very subject may interest you. Do a forum search and take a look. If you have the original core, consider a Glen-Ray rebuild for best results. Aftermarket replacements seldom fit properly...thus a time/money waster.
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    "Hemi Mufflers" - Need some Education

    Don't believe the 440 HP came with resonators like the hemi did.
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    Door moulding, 1966 Charger versus 1966 Satellite ?

    From a 66 parts book--Satellite and Charger have different part numbers for that moulding.
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    I'm a big fan of 67 L code Chargers. Can't wait to see and read about yours.
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    Remove front trim bezel from my 67 Charger

    Here's what to do.....first remove the front wheel and then from underneath the front fender, remove the upper front splash shields. (4 bolts if I remember correctly) And yes you will need to remove some undercoating to find the bolt heads. The chrome headlight surrounds are held on with 3...
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    Original Air Heater core

    Here's my heater core story....bought a new aftermarket core from a fellow FABO, installed it and found the hose connection tubes almost an 1" too short...Trash. Ordered one from Advance, same issue with the tubes, returned for money back. Ordered one from Autozone..came only in aluminum...
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    440 67 915 heads on a 67 383, stock from factory?

    December 2, 1966 engine build date, perhaps second shift indicated by the other "2" for a 1967 (C) model year car. No clue about "R", maybe engine assembled by Roscoe??
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    Legendary seat covers

    Added items to cart, they show a 20% discount on covers and foam (-$141.00) + $80 shipping. $643 total delivered for front bucket covers and foam. Merry Xmas to me.
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    Legendary seat covers

    Is the shipping what's on sale? Can't see where the covers are discounted.
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    Legendary seat covers

    Anybody know when or if Legendary will have their annual sale? I'm in the market for a set of white front bucket covers for my 67 Charger.
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    Certicard Holder location on 67 Charger?

    Not sure I can jump on the Certicard location remarks for 67 Chargers. I have two 67's and have posted Certicard locations for both cars: Silver shows an empty Certicard pocket attached to the driver side radiator support. Car build date 12/05/66 Red car shows no holder, but holes for it are...