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  1. Should be playing golf

    Old Plymouth with Hellcat engine.

    Add a pan guard and diaper to the list also
  2. Should be playing golf

    Shock installation question

    CE drag shocks are great for street use also. Been using them for years. They say not intended for the street but they are fine, and ride decent.
  3. Should be playing golf

    Royal purple

    What's wrong with running VR-1 full synthetic 10w-30?
  4. Should be playing golf

    Got the Classic Backyard Buddy 4 post lift installed today...

    A couple more pics. Usually everything I do requires 3 men and a small boy...had him on standby.:thumbsup:
  5. Should be playing golf

    Got the Classic Backyard Buddy 4 post lift installed today...

    For what it's worth$$.. Check out Greg Smith Equipment Indianapolis. I bought a 9,000lb 4-post with rollers, hyd. chasis jack, extra bottle jack tray, 4 drip trays for 3K. +200 bucks freight and another 200 bucks for the roll-off to back up the the semi and drag it out and put it in my drive...
  6. Should be playing golf

    Street Racing Confession(s)

    How about Skip's Fiesta Drive-in on North Ave outside of Chicago (unincorporated Cook Co.). Only Drive-in I ever saw with a "bleach pit" next to the highway starting area. Every Saturday night brought out everything up to and including the Pro-Stockers complete with twin chutes. Sheriff's...
  7. Should be playing golf

    A story about my '68 GTX trunk finish panel

    Have you guys tried "Special-T Bill"? I haven't yet, but see his ad in Mopar Collector's Guide all the time. Check out his new web site or give him a call 847- 255-5494. Looks like this kind of work is all he does!:thumbsup:
  8. Should be playing golf

    Things you should never do to a 71 Plymouth

    Next step all electric!:rofl:
  9. Should be playing golf

    whats it worth 440

    Without any info, junk man always asks, "what does it weigh"
  10. Should be playing golf

    Totally new Mopar guy question...

    Molnar 493 Stroker crank and rods, Diamond pistons, Bullet cam, TrickFlow 240 heads, Harland Sharp rocker set up, Eddy intake with 800cfm carb = 550hp (flywheel) 600 torque, 10.7 comp., pump gas, and fits under the hood. 14K installed.
  11. Should be playing golf

    440 identification

    You might try looking at the side of the block below the head and above the freeze plugs. (This photo is upside down)
  12. Should be playing golf

    Torker Manifold

    No Problem!
  13. Should be playing golf

    Valvetrain clatter/noise

    Sure hope you have checked your header/manifold bolts for proper torque. Just my 2 cents...simple things first eh?
  14. Should be playing golf

    What is this bracket for?

    Sure looks like a bottle opener to me. Should fit under the dash next to the 8-track. Back in the day we used to run the windshield washer tank hose down under the dash and fill the tank with Mad-Dog or Jack D. Just put a glass under and push the squirter button and...whaalaa! Great feature...
  15. Should be playing golf

    Question regarding flywheels

    Note: My 68 bellhousing is 2892262.
  16. Should be playing golf

    Car only run with key in start position .

    Ballast resistor could be Ok but the connections could be loose or corroded.
  17. Should be playing golf

    Is this 440 intake any good?

    That's the perfect intake for 69 B-body with the Air Grabber and works fine for some easy low 12 passes. RPM wont fit under the Air Grabber.
  18. Should be playing golf

    Intake Manifolds - Question for build guru’s

    Eddy Performer fits good with hood clearance issues.