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  1. 3white74

    WTB WTB Coronet Dash Trim, see pic

    I have both pieces of interested ....lmk
  2. 3white74

    Looking for good tranny guy in NE Ohio

    Why not just take it to brewers if you're in Ohio.....dan and Wayne stand behind what they do!!!
  3. 3white74

    Coolest ever Yard Cart . . . Incredible "find" on CL . . .

    That definitely would be handy for moving all those extra hemis you have planted around the yard!!!
  4. 3white74

    trans cross member... auto vs manual 1970

    1970 is same auto or 4speed.......66-69 bbody is different
  5. 3white74

    SOLD 44 door panel clips

    Are these off of 68-70 b body cars?
  6. 3white74

    WTB 1970 Road Runner/GTX hood turn signal housing

    You want the hood insert with the turn signal holes ?
  7. 3white74

    1969 Coronet Fenders

    In the words of Liam neeson in the movie taken ......."good luck"
  8. 3white74

    70 Power Steering Oil Cooler

    Glen Ray is working on reproducing again and ask them .....he told me at Carlisle in the works
  9. 3white74

    70 Power Steering Oil Cooler

    That pump is not correct for 70 v code ..... should be a Saginaw pump... That one is either federal or trw not sure.....I have the correct pump and brackets but no cooler if interested pm me
  10. 3white74

    '68 Charger dash pad

    Abc moparts
  11. 3white74

    1972 Plymouth Satellite quarters / side markers

    I have a pair of correct 72 roadrunner / satellite amd full 1/4 panels will sell them....lmk if interested
  12. 3white74

    WTB WTB roof rail molding

    I have them .....,fits ,,68 -70 b body Post cars ....lmk if needed
  13. 3white74

    Jack Hook Identification

    I'd guess a generic parts store type replacement
  14. 3white74

    WTB heater box

    I have a few nice used me if interested
  15. 3white74

    WTB 68-70 b body vent window

    Ok send me picture in pm
  16. 3white74

    WTB 68-70 b body vent window

    Looking to buy 68-70 b body drivers side vent window with super nice original chrome ......already have perfect passenger side looking to make a pair .....lmk what you have ???.... thanks fbbo
  17. 3white74

    WTB Rear Quarter Panels for 1965 Plymouth Belvedere

    Try Kramer in Pennsylvania he usually has that stuff....or Joe suchy in the Carolinas I think both good vendors
  18. 3white74

    WTB 1968 Rallye dash non AC center dash pad

    68 69 rally dash center pad no different except for air conditioning car
  19. 3white74

    WTB 1968 Rallye dash non AC center dash pad

    Did not see rally in original response