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    2nd bad Powermaster alternator

    Thats the only one I have had trouble with. My son also runs the same PM one wire alt and his has been fine but my internal reg went bad twice. Ron
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    2nd bad Powermaster alternator

    I am running the 100 amp Power Master one wire alt that is a Mopar alt that they build with an internal reg and I have it on my 63 Sport Fury. In 2 years twice the internal reg went bad and it stopped charging. I know it was the internal regulator as I jumped it out and the alt worked good...
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    zinc additive anyone use Rislone?

    Yes I have used it for years also. Ron
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    Max Performance Mufflers?

    3" Dyno-Max Ultra-Flows for me with a full exh on the car. I always race through the full exh as I have never uncapped it. Flow Masters slowed my sons car down almost 2 tenths compared to spaced headers. Ron
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    512 stroker carb recommendations

    My 493 is a .030 over 440 with a 4.15 crank. I use the basic Indy EZ heads as when I built this eng in 2011 there was no TF heads for the BB Mopar. I run a 727 with a Dynamic 9.5 converter and 4.30's with a 30" tall tire. My 850 is about 20 years old so its an older one. Once I jetted it for...
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    Evaporative Control System

    Just run a vented gas cap. Ron
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    512 stroker carb recommendations

    I run the basic Holley 850 DP. Its on my pump gas 493 in my 63 Sport Fury. Has run 10.70's with the 850 and was no faster with a 950. I have a few mods done to the 850 and its has great driveability and works nice at the track. The car drives so good with the 850. Ron
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    When to drill holes in the throttle plates?

    Hence the reason to drill the throttle plates. Thanks for the good pics "Sweet5ltr" The setup is that you want the throttle transition slot as shown in the pic at about a square. Once its set there if you change the idle speed by the idle speed screw it changes the transition slot. And if you...
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    Best shafts for Crane ductile rockers.

    Same here have been using Hughes shafts in my eng since 2011. Still going strong. Ron
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    AFB leak down

    I dont have any problem with my 850 Holley doing that. I run 92 and 93 pump. Course I also run an electric fuel pump which helps. But it fires up right away unless pretty cold out as I dont wait for the fuel pump to run long I crank it right away. Ron
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    Battery To Alternator Fuse?

    Our older 60's and 70's Mopars have the alt output wire on a fuse link. The newer cars use a type of mega fuse. If the alt output wire shorts to ground with the eng off it will burn the fuse link out. When I rewired my alt setup on my 63 with my battery in the trunk I use a 80 amp mega fuse...
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    Ballast Resistor

    Thats right as GM and Ford used a resistor wire in the wire harness in the primary coil wire. Also as far as I know the resistor wire they used on their points cars and Ford used it on some electronic ign also is not temp sensitive as the Mopar ballast is. In other words the resistor wire stays...
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    Do you run a air/fuel ratio meter in your carbed car....

    None for me as I still tune as I did all my life on my carbs. Ron
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    Fuel demand what fuel pump

    I run the TTI 3" exh system out to the rear bumper. I use an X-pipe and Dyno-Max Ultra-flow mufflers. Its not really all that loud until I nail it then its a bit louder. I love it though as its just right for me since at 65 I dont need it to loud for my old ears. Ron
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    Fuel demand what fuel pump

    You know I grew up in the 60's and 70's and I have been around muscle cars since about 1970 and I just got used to wanting to hear that electric pump run when the car was running. So a little noise from an electric pump makes me smile because I know its working. :thumbsup: Ron
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    Fuel demand what fuel pump

    Bob I bought my roll of aluminum line from Mancini about 20 years ago as it was listed as fuel line. And its worked fin all these years but I dont use A-N fittings on it as I have heard that the aluminum can crack at times when tightened down with A-N fittings where the line is flared some in...
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    Fuel demand what fuel pump

    Its best to mount pump lower then gas tank if you can and as close to the tank as you can. Also today they make in the tank electric pumps for carb cars which is actually the best way to do it but I have run Holley pumps since the 70's with no problems at all. Myself I run the Holley black pump...
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    Purple shaft lifter issues?

    Dwayne Porter at Porter Racing Heads. He is the best IMO as I run a solid flat tappet cam he did for me. Its a solid flat tappet that he had Nitrided (hardened) and he sent me the EDM solid lifters with the tiny hole in the bottom that puts oil on the cam lobe from the hole in the bottom of the...
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    Fuel demand what fuel pump

    Myself I never waste my time with a mech fuel pump on my hotrod. The electric pump is better in everyway when fuel is being pushed up to the carb and not pulled under a vacuum. Electric helps fight vapor lock also much better then a mech pump so if you get real hot summers and run pump gas as...
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    A Closer Look at the Carb Setup with Questions

    This is right. That emission valve just would advance the ign timing on hard decell by sending manifold vacuum to the vacuum advance on hard decell to help with emission's. As someone said most just dont use it but if your restoring a car back to 100% original then you will want to use it...