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  1. Joeychgo

    F@#d up A-body update

    Could have just PMd me....
  2. Joeychgo

    FABO down for software maintence

    its back up now -
  3. Joeychgo

    Show at the Galaxy (Wadsworth, OH) tomorrow

    Did you follow the instructions at the top of the events forum?
  4. Joeychgo

    Why, when I opened this site, did it ask to use the camera on my phone?!

    Never heard of that, cant see why it would. Is it just the one time?
  5. Joeychgo

    69 charger shoulder belt snap and coathook location?

    log out of the site and log back in....
  6. Joeychgo

    Inappropriate Adds

    So I went digging and found the ad on my Google ad panel. This is what it linked to: ‎Whispers - Romance n Choices Its for an "Interactive Drama Story Game" Doesn't seem too inappropriate to me, especially since its for a game app anyone can DL on their ipad or iphone.
  7. Joeychgo

    Inappropriate Adds

    the 'platform' is google
  8. Joeychgo

    Ignore feature

    I don't think so, but I'll look around. I'll see what I can do, but I don't know If I want that to become a badge of honor - know what I mean?
  9. Joeychgo

    Gold Membership Purchase

    paypal is just the payment processor, you dont have to have a PP account to use a credit card
  10. Joeychgo

    Site upgrade...

    um, well I'm not sure why you cant leave feedback, nor what it has to do with the version of windows your using.
  11. Joeychgo

    Can we add the date the thread was made in the title?

    Short answer - without getting into all the technical reasons why -- No.
  12. Joeychgo

    Updating/Editing For Sale Ads

    You can edit an ad for 1 week. I cant make people PM you --
  13. Joeychgo

    SOLD Power steering gear box assemblies for sale.

    Pics are required per the rules. Have been since day one.
  14. Joeychgo

    How do I delete PMs ?

    see: FBBO Website FAQ