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    Gtx rear seat surround mockup

    Drivers side.
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    6 Pack Plug Fouling Problem

    Jets are in use when going down the road, they do nothing at idle. What are you cam specs? What is the idle speed hot engine? What is your idle vacuum? What power valve do you have? Has it backfired through the carb? Is the choke connected and working? Do the end carbs close all the way at idle?
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    Gtx rear seat surround mockup

    1967 Satellite also
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    Gtx rear seat surround mockup

    The GTX / Satellite takes completely different mounting brackets for the seat back than Belvederes. Here is a photo of a 1967. 1966 brackets are narrower, and so are the holes on the plastic seat surround. Yet another part that is different 66 to 67.
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    Newly built 440 with low oil pressure

    All looks great from here.
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    Should the Torque converter be moved up during install?

    The hub of the converter needs to pilot into the back of the crankshaft. So this adding a washer idea is not a good one.
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    Sure grip available in 1970 Coronet RT with AC?

    It would have come with a 489 case from the factory. So this has been changed. Pull it out and look at the date on the ring gear.
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    Should the Torque converter be moved up during install?

    Tighten the bolts and move on to the next crisis!
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    K-Frame Restoration Process

    De-grease it and see what you’ve got. when they are covered in grease they don’t rust or get many coats of cheap rattle can paint on them.
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    Wrong brake parts, now losing pedal.Coincidence?

    Please take a new picture of the star wheel. We have seen that one before. Is the part of it on the left side (in the photo) even present? Or is it missing? Where I’m going with this, if your brakes are not adjust Ed properly you won’t have a firm brake pedal. you have a self adjust star...
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    Wrong brake parts, now losing pedal.Coincidence?

    First priority on drum brakes is proper adjustment. dont condem the master cylinder yet. You have problems with those brakes, they are assembled with wrong parts. ****Please show a detailed photo of the star wheel so we can se what you have there.****
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    10 year old M&H drag radials or street tires?

    Tired Slant 6 or 600 horsepower? I would like the drag radials. Now, how much tread, and we’re they stored inside or out in the sunshine?
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    Anyone care to weigh in on an old school build?

    The oil was great back then, had everything we car guys needed, he didn’t hurt anything Because we didn’t need any additives then. Shelf oil was good oil. freshen what’s there or start over. aftermarket has better parts available today over what’s in that engine. But it will still do what it...
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    66-69 4 piston brake caliper rebuild questions...

    Where did you get the new pistons? worried about weight and wearing one side? Don’t get into overthinkging this. Look how small they are. they should outlast you.
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    Best 14" tires? Cooper, Mastercraft, BFG, General, or???

    Cooper cobra for the win! Multiple sets, one set from the 90’s and still fine. Have not heard of failures on these coopers. 225/70/14 255/60/15 BFG = basically friggin garbage. very poor wet traction. I know 2 people had them blow on the freeway and damage the car, spun out and took off the...
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    Problems with fitting new axle seals in 8.75 axle

    You don’t have to do anything with the brakes or backing plate to change the seal, they are not in the way. what is going on with the spring by the star wheel? home brewed stuff there? left side of it is gone? and that parking brake lever should be back behind the shoe when not applied...
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    1970 roadrunner 440 engine oil

    I use this, buy the oil made for the car, and no mixing. Mixologists, How do you know it will work like you want? Driven HR5 10W-40 Conventional Hot Rod Oil
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    66-69 4 piston brake caliper rebuild questions...

    I wonder what the brake rebuild houses are using to rebuild these. Or are they doing what you are doing? are the bores in the Cardone units even the same size as original Calipers? you will Find out
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    Need help in identifying bucket seat tracks.

    Look at the picture of the white floor, post #8. that will get you close. The floor has dimples when the holes should be drilled. All bench seat cars, 4 doors & wagons. You may not find them with your sound dedner.
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    66-69 4 piston brake caliper rebuild questions...

    They list as left and right the same, is that true? Other than the metal lines and brackets, the next is bleeder on one end and line goes in the other. So can the lines and bleeder be swapper end for end? His are already stainless sleeved so not cores.