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  1. zyzzyx

    66 Hemi Torqueflite Value?

    Unless it's a "Concourse" car, Why would you not call John Cope and have him build you one with all good parts, (alot better than stock Hemi) and put it in? Probably the same money and no worries? That's just me.
  2. zyzzyx

    Subframe connectors 66-67

    The U.S. Cartool connectors are easy, neat, and strong. You have to spend about an hour trimming them so they fit tight against the floor pan, but when you weld them in they look like they came from the factory.
  3. zyzzyx

    Should the Torque converter be moved up during install?

    Let's have it! I still haven't learned everything yet.
  4. zyzzyx

    Torque Converter Seated?

    So, use your straight-edge and take the same type of measurement from the face of the flex-plate to the bolting face of the block. You should end up with 1/8" to 3/16".
  5. zyzzyx

    Should the Torque converter be moved up during install?

    Differences in flex plate thickness and a convertor that has been cut apart, modified, and welded back together will cause the dimension to change some. In my forty years of taking apart STOCK Mopars, I've never seen shims or washers either! O.K., so why did PTC ship my new "Modified" convertor...
  6. zyzzyx

    Should the Torque converter be moved up during install?

    Because the GM trans front pump is very similar to the 727. GOT IT?
  7. zyzzyx

    Introducing myself here.

    Welcome, and WoW! does that color pop! You'll be driving up and down that Blue Ridge before you know it!
  8. zyzzyx

    Should the Torque converter be moved up during install?

    The three things that engage the torque convertor are the input spline which rotates, the Stator support that keeps a part inside the convertor stationary, (hence the name Stator) and the two front pump lugs that pump oil through the trans. The two splines are fine just about with any gap, but...
  9. zyzzyx

    Should the Torque converter be moved up during install?

    The convertor should be 1/8" to 3/16" away from the flex plate when pushed forward. If the gap is more than that, you should shim it with hardened washers. Unfortunately, you may need longer bolts. 1/2" is more than twice the gap that it should be. There are numerous videos on YouTube on this...
  10. zyzzyx

    Denso Starter install on my 440

    Holy Moly Batman!
  11. zyzzyx

    Denso Starter install on my 440

    NO! Would never do that! I have a friend that just built a Nova with a big block in it. He showed me where he had to cave in the header on the driver's side to clear the steering box. 40% convex dent! I would never do that. These days you were smart to order the headers uncoated and see if they...
  12. zyzzyx

    Organisol Paint questions.

    Possibly, the paint was shot with too small of a fluid tip on an HVLP gun? It has to go on wet for it to lay down flat without a sandpaper texture. Just my thoughts. I have to paint part of my hood with something similar, so I'll be watching!
  13. zyzzyx

    440 back between the fenders after a decade

    Congratulations! I'm getting ready to install mine after 45 years! I imagine it feels real good! Nice clean compartment. Take care!
  14. zyzzyx

    Denso Starter install on my 440

    Wow, So many header differences from different manufacturers! You would think they would be able to clear the few tight spots when designing them? I checked mine out on my cradle too so I wouldn't have any unpleasant surprises.
  15. zyzzyx

    Denso Starter install on my 440

    Yeah, any suggestions on an insulator sleeve I could "Slide" on? I bought a Hooker Blackheart 304 Stainless system for my "X" and will build the system starting at the back and moving foward. My idea is to use stainless V-Band clamps from the 2-1/2" pipes to the 3-1/2" collectors. I think the...
  16. zyzzyx

    Denso Starter install on my 440

    The "Hooker Adjustables" are from an era gone by! Bought them new in the eighties and sent them off to Jet Hot and had them coated right away. And I didn't mention that I also replaced the electrical terminal with the trick ninety degree thingy from Mancini Racing.
  17. zyzzyx

    Denso Starter install on my 440

    Duh! Sorry 'bout dat!
  18. zyzzyx

    Denso Starter install on my 440

    I know we've talked about this endlessly, but I just want to post some pic's of how this little guy fits on my 440 with Hooker Adjustables. I bought two re-builts from a vendor on FleaBay. One for a spare if I ever need it!
  19. zyzzyx

    1968 GTX Fender Tag Interior Seat Codes

  20. zyzzyx

    Squish-Quench....How much power does it add ?

    I put my engine together with quality parts so it stays together AND makes some power for me. I have a set of TRW pop-ups in it that originally had a 0.140 dome. They were almost new so I chucked them up and cut the dome down to 0.060 to get the compression ratio down to 10.3. I don't care...