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  1. Ray70Chrg

    New Member from New Jersey

    Welcome from Arizona
  2. Ray70Chrg

    Introducing myself here.

    Kentucky, a state famous for 1HP transportation. Welcome Aboard.
  3. Ray70Chrg

    CCR on netflix

    My favorite one of CCR is Centerfield. About 2 months ago I finally decided to learn to play it on the guitar. Close to 35 years after it was a hit. Actually, it was only a hit for John Fogerty.
  4. Ray70Chrg

    I'm unable use the Bold button?

    Hell, I didn't even know there was a Bold button. Thanks
  5. Ray70Chrg

    Lurker, just joined

    Welcome aboard, nice car.
  6. Ray70Chrg

    Degreeing a big block cam

    Hey Furyus, I know the feeling. I've done this only one time, but the good news is that my engine has 2K miles on it and all seems well. If you visit Lunati Cams, they have a pretty good write up and that's what I used to degree my new cam. What they say in the instructions is to use a...
  7. Ray70Chrg

    New wheels and tires

    Lookin Good. what sizes
  8. Ray70Chrg

    Found my sons dream car, 1970 Charger

    Welcome aboard Bigtoyz, 1970 Charger fever has infected many of us also.
  9. Ray70Chrg

    New Member from Sweden

    Hello from Arizona.
  10. Ray70Chrg

    Project Brown Eyed Girl.. and her 72 Satty.

    She is one lucky young lady to have You as Her Daddy!
  11. Ray70Chrg

    “Best muscle car”

    Congratulations on that beautiful car and the Win! MOPARS FOREVER!
  12. Ray70Chrg

    I need L O N G E R rear wheel studs!

    I think you need # 610-103 for the rear wheels. The knurl dia. is .673 on these. They are made for the rear wheels. The # I used is for the front wheels and the knurl dia. on those is .650. Quite a bit of difference between the front and rear wheels.
  13. Ray70Chrg

    I need L O N G E R rear wheel studs!

    The part # I needed was 610-132, but this is only for front wheel that is 11" drum brake. rear drums are different and so is 10" drums. These are made by Dorman so may be available in other auto stores also. As Wild R/T stated they only come in one length.
  14. Ray70Chrg

    I need L O N G E R rear wheel studs!

    Kern, about 6 weeks ago I got 5 1/2x20 wheel studs from O'Reilly's and they had the proper dimensions for the knurled width as the original studs. They came in different lengths and actually had what I needed in stock. I was converting my last l/h thread to r/h.
  15. Ray70Chrg

    Can anyone identify this converter by photo?

    B&M Tork Master 2400, C4, 26 spline, 10.5 part #50441 edit: probably not the same. C4 is Ford trans. Just came up with same part #.
  16. Ray70Chrg

    Sloppy neutral safety switch, 70 R/R.

    I assume you're talking about the nss on an automatic. I had the same problem and I found out there are 2 sizes that can be bought. I need the one that is referred to as long. What that describes is the length of the hex fixture that's part of the switch. Both sizes will fit perfectly, but the...
  17. Ray70Chrg

    Pipe Diameter

    Please read carefully what I wrote there.
  18. Ray70Chrg

    Pipe Diameter

    Probably will try the longer, standard size that Dynomax has. I have never heard them, but i would research to make sure they were what I wanted.
  19. Ray70Chrg

    Pipe Diameter

    I've had Dynomax Super turbos, 2 1/4" on a pretty much stock '70 383 charger for 3 years now. Good quality, however, I do regret not getting quieter mufflers. I knew what I was getting when I ordered them but after a while, I got tired of the noise. When doing the restoration, I put sound...
  20. Ray70Chrg

    What car were you driving the first time you clocked 100 mph or more?

    You were taking about a back road that goes thru Papago Park which is at the border of Phoenix and Scottsdale. Where you are talking about now is the west valley and about 30 miles from Papago Park. Even that area has seen extensive development in the past 30 years.