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    Doctor Breaks Bad News That Everything You're Experiencing Is Normal, You're Just 40

    I don't put much into the numbers, but I do feel like I aged 10 years that year I went from 40-41. My arches went on me that year, and it was the beginning of the athritis in my hips. Now I have 2 artificial hips and I'm staring at 60 coming up real fast.... if I make it. :steering:
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    Thanks for letting me in

    Welcome fellow Wisconsinite!
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    Happy Birthday bandit67 !

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    Happy Birthday Dibbons

    Happy belated, dibbons - hope it was a good one!
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    Front End FRIDAY!!!

    Last Saturday just before 5am when I headed out on my 100 mile trip to @Thunderlugs place and then onto a car show together.
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    Ebay 1977 volare wagon

    LOL I didn't make the meme! :lol:
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    The Nuge in my 'hood!

    He did that when I saw him 40 years ago (actually, 1980) for the Scream Dream tour. Interesting footnote...the two bands who played before him were unknown to all of us at the time. Def Leppard and The Scorpions. They both took off in the USA after that.
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    Walk around of idling Hemi

    Sounds like a Singer - just like mine does! :thumbsup:
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    Top 3 Greatest Guitarist Ever

    My list would have Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen and the third spot would be open. Too many to even list, but here are some that come to mind in no particular order. Billy F Gibbons Steve Morse Stevie Ray Vaughn Phil Keaggy Ulrich Roth Michael Schenker Carlos Santana Tony Iommi (missing the...
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    Ebay 1977 volare wagon

    $20k? But, hey, they aren't making any more of them! :rofl:
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    2022 12th Annual FABO NHRA "Pick 'Em" Game - Time To Burn Some More NITRO!!!

    oc, I'd like to swich my TF pick to Austin Prock and my PS Bike to Joey Gladstone (kiss of death for them, now). I'll stick with Robert Hight and Greg Anderson. Lock em all! Thanks
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    Vikings Victory!!!!

    And this right here is his problem. He thinks he's God's gift to the world and smarter than anyone who's ever walked the earth. Early on he was great and fun to route for, but now I can't route for him anymore. As beanhead said, "I miss the old days of the NFL". These guys these days all...
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    Vikings Victory!!!!

    And it hurt, as a hardcore Vikings fan in those days.
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    Vikings Victory!!!!

    Yeah, he was a legit badass.
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    The not a meme meme thread

    One of my favorites. I think it applies to some of the employees I've had over the years, too.
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    Vikings Victory!!!!

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    The not a meme meme thread

    This is every firefighter's dream....
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    I believe the 21st running of the SS/A and SS/AA M code Hemi A bodies at the US Nats.

    Yeah, I think I got mine in 1981 and it's now in a frame in my finished basement.
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    Pics from Back in the Day

    '68 Hemi Charger RT :thumbsup:
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    Hemi Experts in here please

    I don't know what the other 20 is. It might be an indication that it's the 20th engine assembled that day. Maybe some of the other Hemi guys know. This thread has more info: 426 Hemi Engine Pad?