1962 Plymouth Savoy

Wish me luck. Exterior 95% done, need a few trim pieces, Interior: have floors front and rear, needs install, Seats need redone(covers on order

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Savoy, 2 Door, Auto
Hello fellow B Body lovers and owners. Below is the current state of my recent purchase, a 1962 Plymouth 2 Door. I hope this will give someone some enjoyment or inspiration to get their project started/going again! THanks to my Dad for coming along to pick it up with me and providing the tow vehicle, also a Mopar(2004 Durango) It was a fun time.

Feel free to comment, give advice or otherwise just contact me with any questions. I think the conversation will keep me motivated.

Exterior: 95% done
Pale Blue repaint some years ago, very good condition
  • Right Front Fender Trim (not wheel well trim)
  • Right and left front trim pieces (approx 1" pieces)next to the headlights
  • Rear Plymouth logo reconfigured from "Plum Hot" to Plymouth - I do have the Y!
  • Both Right and Left Plymouth Script emblems that are located on the doors

Interior: 10%
going to be 103 Interior Trim Code - Cocoa (was orig Blue but I LOVE the Cocoa colors)
  • Front and Rear Floor pans to be installed. Have all 3 pieces from AMD
  • Carpet - Still deciding on color for Cocoa interior(suggestions welcome) will likely order from SMS Auto Fabrics
  • Gas Pedal - Have
  • Seats Have Front 60/40 bench and rear bench - Frames in good shape
    • Needs re-cushioned
    • Needs Recovered - recently ordered from SMS Auto Fabrics
  • Seat Belts
  • Door Panels - On order, sent out to SMS for recovering
  • Front Kick Panels - On Order from SMS Auto Fabrics
  • Steering wheel - Need (have temp)
  • Wind Lace - Need, deciding on color will order from SMS Auto Fabrics likely
  • Door Seals - Need, deciding on color(Tan-Gold OR Palomino-Tan??? will order from SMS Auto Fabrics likely
  • Window Sweeps(Cat Whiskers)
  • Dash Board/Instrument Cluster, Have almost all parts
    • Needs repainted to 103 Color scheme
    • Need Cluster reconditioned/rechromed (looking for suggestions)
    • Need heater controls repaired and reinstalled (relocate aftermkt Tach)
    • Radio Delete Panel is installed
    • Have radio
    • Speaker Grill - Have, needs installed (relocate aftermarket Oil Pressure/Water Temp gauges
  • All Interior plastic windshield metal trim repainted to match 103 Color Scheme, Cocoa Interior)
  • Window Cranks and Door pulls cleaned, Have
  • Window Crank Escutcheon(large black plastic washer)
  • Door Arm Rests repaired/repainted to match 103 Cocoa Color Scheme
  • Package Tray - On order from SMS Auto Fabrics Will repair/repaint current
  • Head Liner - On order from SMSAuto Fabrics
  • Visors repainted recovered to match 103 Cocoa Color Scheme
Drivetrain: 85%
440 Stroked to 493 (is my understanding)
Dual Quad Cross Ram Carbs and Intake
Edelbrock Performer RPM Cylinder Heads (60925)
TTI Headers
727 Trans, 8 3/4 Rear, 3.91
  • Hard to start, needs 2000 RPM then 1500RPM for a few mins to idle OK, Idle is a bit too low too
  • Have not driven anywhere but from trailer to garage in Oct since there are no seats installed, rusty floor and no gas pedal since there is a hole in floor where it would be bolted.
  • Set Transmission back to stock Automatic Shift Pattern, Manual Reverse Valve body 727 from AA Transmissions
  • Repaint Cross Ram Intake
  • Install Superstock Valve Covers if possible
    • A set has been prepped, painted and stickered (see photo in update)
  • Install Super Stock Cast Iron Headers at some point possibly
    • Purchased Cast Iron headers and full stock exhaust

Pickup Day


Garage Doors Garage cleanout almost done
Garage Door.JPEG Garage.JPEG IMG_0133.JPEG

Interior Back side of Door Panel Closeup of Door Manuf Stamping


Nice! Should be an easy and fun project. Only parts I have for your vehicle is the grille and headlight surrounds. Yours look to be in nice shape though.
Nice! Should be an easy and fun project. Only parts I have for your vehicle is the grille and headlight surrounds. Yours look to be in nice shape though.
Thanks, yes they are thankfully. I think the missing trim will be hard work to find.
Very nice Savoy John! '62s are sweet - don't see enough of them. Like where you're going with this one. Best wishes to you!
Great Car John ! The early, mid-60 Sedans are my favorites. Looks like a nice project, and wish you the Best, in your parts search, and Vendor support...
I just got , I have some other projects to finish , can't wait to start on it!
I did pick up 990 buckets , found a 65 4 speed ! I'll try to send some pics

Body is great condition , just need some floor work, I was watching it for several years!
(Moving this out of the update part of the post and into the normal thread, it flows better that way I think)
Hello all, Its been a while so I thought I should bring this post up to date.
- The Plymouth is in a shop getting the floors put in along with Cross members.
- The seat covers finally came in from SMS Auto, still waiting on the door panels to be redone that I sent them.
- I even got ahold of some 6 bolt VC's from Carlisle to bolt onto the newer alum Edelbrock heads, Stripped, re-painted and applied the decals myself a few months ago.

I'll post more pics later on, but here are the VC's

Valve Covers (Wish I took a photo of them in bare metal)
((For some reason I cannot paste photos in from my file browser, any tips???))
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