1965 Dodge Coronet 440 in process......

  • Well, here it is, just painted, and will be flat-bedding it back to the garage tomorrow.....Happy with the job done, but it'll be at least a year before it prowls the street...especially since my girlfriend and I are expecting out first child in Feb.~~ a baby girl ! Sylvia~Jane is her name, and she already has me wrapped around her lil' finger :angel1: .... She will slow down this project, but well worth it!!
    Very happy with the color...I've had this car for 18+ yrs. now...Has been med. blue the whole time...Since it is not original, anything goes, including changing the color...Check out the "God Smack" tribal sun on the hood, done in Planet Kolor Sunset red, flip-flop..It's Red, Gold, Green...all depending on how you're looking @ it..and from some angles, you can't even see it...way kewl, EVERYBODY who steps into the shop loves it! Will update here and there, adding some new pics.....wish me luck, both with the car, AND Sylvia, THANKS!!!

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  1. My65coronet
    Nice job, I have a ‘65 Coronet 440 also. I am looking for some parts for mine, specifically a hood and trunk lid if you happen to know of any sources for me. Congrats on the baby, my youngest is 15 and he is a true Mopar guy and loves working on our Coronet.