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1965 Plymouth Satellite Hemi Race Car 4/sale

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Satellite hemi car
1965 Satellite Hemi race car, I own it for 39/yrs and spent over $50,000 on it and I have all the bills ! It's time to let it go.ROLL CAGE CERTIFIED FOR 7.50 . The motor is a 498 ci with the best parts money can buy ! 2/1050 Holleys carb ,Stage 5 Engineering heads & rocker arms, porting work done by them flow numbers are in 550 @ 850 lift I have the paper work on them, and they are the best ! Piston's are JE 4.310 comp is 15.37-1 , Rods are Fowler Billet Con-Rod good for over 400 runs on a super stock Hemi @8500rpm.
Jesel Timing Belt Drive Systems, Cam is COMP Cams lift is about 900. Crankshaft is a Moldex Crankshaft 4.250 . 4/wheel disc brake , Rack and pinion steering , Dana 60 Strange Engineering Lightweight Pro Race Spool & Axles , Richmond Gear Pro Ring and Pinion 513 ,Trans hads lot's of good parts too I believe I have the only unbreakable sprag in the world it has 64/element's or you mite call them roller's , check for your self to see if there is a sprag like this for the 727 for sale! Much more to say but you can call Mitch ----------347-204-5234 for more info

The trans is all needle bearing's there are no thrust washer anywhere , Rear support is needle bearing, all drum's are light weight aluminum ,Sun Gear's, Front / Rear Planet Gear's are straight cut, THEY call the 16 roller sprag the best one to buy but it still BREAKS! My trans has 64/rollers impossible to breaks or buy to install,the case must be machined to install no one has this on the market for sale! Valve body is turbo action transbrake, today the best transbrake to buy is made by Griner with safe neutral I recommend the change.It also has a ATI 6000/stall Torque Converter.
The motor has all high dollar parts too,I know I will not get what I put in the car so call or email your best offer, I will consider all offer and get back to you.Thanks Mitch 347 204 5234
900/HP 498/500 HEMI is going for 32,000 35,000 you can check at Ray Barton race engine, Full Race Trans with converter is over 5,000 if you were going this way you are looking at
40,000 easy.
I have 900/HP motor only! + over 500/HP in Nitrous Oxide Systems dual plate's + Fogger Systems ,this is all on the motor and trans w/converter to take all the that power.
My heads and manifold by it self with all the porting work costed me 10,000 . more pics 1965 Plymouth Satellite Hemi Race Car


$18,000. will take it all

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1965 Plymouth Satellite. Hemi Engine is a 498 ci , the engine was moved back to the firewall and the rear was moved up about 2''. It has stage V engineering heads that where ported and flowed with the intake manifold on them by stage V engineering them self and got flow numbers of 550 intake @ 850 lift. It has Two dominator 1050 carbs, with dual dominator Nitrous Oxide plates + Fogger system never used. With two Barry Grant BG400 Electric Fuel Pump. Ran it motor only 9.19 @ 148 mph, 60 foot time on two wheels all the times 1.29. @ 7,500 rpm only. Rear tires are 15 x 33 and there is no smoke coming in the car from the burn out. Turbo Action Cheetah Shifter with Dedenbear Co2 air shifter with Co2 bottle and RPM programmable switch. Car weight 3146, body parts that are black are made of fiberglass, only glass in car is windshield everything else is Lexan. Competition cam with roller lifters, JE pistons 4.320 bore 15.3 to 1 compression, fowler 7'' aluminum connecting rods good for 400 pass I didn't I have 100 runs on them. Moldex 4.250 stroke crankshaft with 1/8 radius journals with knife edging. Jesel timing belt drive system. Milodon dual line high volume oil pump with swivel pickup. Aluminum drag race 6 qt oil pan with trap door and baffling. Oberg inline oil filter. Hooker pro headers 2 1/4 in raised port design. MSD 7A box with timing retard box for the NOS. The car has all factory wiring with all lights working. Car has a 12 point roll cage + 2 x 3 through the floor and welded, car was certified for 7.50 two times. Trans 727 Torqueflte has a 8'' ATI 6000 stall converter. All aluminum drums including the sun shell , All gears are straight cut in trans, first One ever made 64 element sprag unbreakable. No thrush washes anywhere In this transmission all replaced with Torrington bearings from front to rear. Turbo action valve body with a trans brake modified by ATI. The trans has a blanket on it for safety. Rear end is a Dana 60 with a strange engineering spool and 513 pro gears setting on fiberglass leaf spring bolted to ladder bars and wheely bars that is a must have with this car. The Car has a rack and pinion steering and 4 wheel disc brake by strange engineering. So why am I selling this hemi car so cheap with the same part you would buy today to make a race car, I used to start this car now and then, and I had an accident and ended up in the hospital for the whole winter with 8 broken ribs and unconscious for a month and 1/2. When I came back home after I learn how to walk again I saw the freeze out plugs on the ground, the water freeze and cracked the block it is a 1970 cast iron.. it is fixable but I'm not doing it, so that's why I'm selling it so cheap. If you have any questions call me Mitch 3472045234. I own this car for 49 years I know everything about it! if you need more pics $18,000. for everything. 1965 Plymouth Satellite Hemi Race Car


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347 204 5234 -- Mitch
I will miss my HEMI when it gone, it's all I ever care for, it was my life it was everything!

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