1965 Plymouth Satellite

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  • My 65 Satellite with a 528 Hemi, TCI Street Fighter Transmission, TTI Headers. A pleasure to drive, very civilized. As clean underneath as it is on top.

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  1. Paul Cotton
    Very nice, 65 Plymouth Satellites/Blevederes are my all time favorites. I have a red one myself. I have a question for you. What type of paint/sealant did you use on your garage floor?
    1. SSSN8KE
      Paul I can't give you an exact answer. The floor was done by a contractor several years ago. I think it's an expoxy based coating.
      SSSN8KE, Dec 9, 2019
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  2. Napoleon1991
    Amazing car!! Really jealous of your shop too.
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  3. Jeff Baker
    Very Nice, They are getting rarer every year. Where did you get the hemi From?
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    1. SSSN8KE
      Jeff, I just purchased the Satellite last August. The Hemi was already in it. It's a Mopar Performance 528 Hemi. Aluminum heads, Mopar Siamese Block, Indy Intake. The car was restored about 8 years ago, that's when the Hemi was installed.
      SSSN8KE, Dec 2, 2019
  4. dmoore
    Very clean 65!
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  5. tbmopar74
    Now that's awesome!:lowdown:
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  6. Bigtime
    Beautiful car and I LOVE your shop!
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  7. BBishere2
    Great car and love that shop space you have!
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  8. 340challconvert
  9. BBodyC
    Thanks for your input...very helpful
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  10. BBodyC
    were your front rims 4.5 backspace also
    can only find 3.75 backspace with -6mm offset in 15 x 7 rim
    1. SSSN8KE
      You are correct they are 3.75
      SSSN8KE, Nov 18, 2019
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