1967 Coronet 500 convertible

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  • I picked this up on Ebay in Sept 2017. When I drug it home, it was running off of a lawn mower tank in the engine compartment, had no brakes, not even an ebrake. The exhaust was Swiss cheese. Most of the lights didn't work. None of the floor shift mechanism was installed. Even the seats weren't bolted in.

    As you can imagine, the journey into the trailer and my driveway were white knuckle rides.

    The good part was that it was a Georgia car since the early 70's with solid frame rails. The previous owner installed a new one piece floor pan. All of the convertible parts are there and in good working condition. The 318 has 86,000 miles, the 727 is out of a 70 340 and is tight, and the 2.94 pegleg rear is quiet.

    I've recently received a copy of the original IBM punchcard for this car and discovered that it was sold new at Coleman-Young Motors in Willoughby OH, just north of Cleveland. I'd really appreciate any info or pictures of the dealership.

    In the past, I've:
    Replaced the entire brake system from the master cylinder to the wheel cylinders, including all the steel lines. (Autozone, Inline Tube)
    Replaced the fuel system from tank to carb using 3/8" SS tubing. (Inline Tube, Ebay, steelerubber.com)
    Installed the seats, belts, and floor shift. (Ebay, swap meet)
    Rebuilt the entire front suspension including bushings and torsion bars. (Dr.Diff via Ebay, Mancini Racing)
    Added 14x6 road wheels with Hancook tires. (Craigslist, Amazon, swap meet)
    Installed new full exhaust including Y pipe. (waldronexhaust.com)
    Engine tune up, belts, rocker cover gaskets. (Autozone, Ebay)
    Repaired all lighting and gages. (Autozone)
    Replaced the timing chain, front core plugs, and all the hoses, added a timing chain oiler. (Autozone, Ebay, FBBO)
    Added LED lights to the dash (superbrightleds.com)
    Added front sway bar. (Craigslist, Ebay)
    Replaced valve seals and power steering hose. (COMP Cams, Ebay)
    Added a passenger side mirror. (Swap meet)
    Transmission seal replacement, add a deep pan and partial throttle body kickdown. (Autozone, Ebay)
    Add FBO distributor plate. (Ebay)
    Replaced U joints and rear trans seal. (Autozone)

    Here is my YouTube channel with some tips:

    Latest update:
    Trying to be more of a welder and less of a grinder.



    Added a passenger side mirror so I can find the curb when parallel parking.

    Replaced the dash lamps with LEDs


    Coming up:
    Clean oil pan, rebuild pump.
    Fresh TT1 medium copper metallic paint. (Maaco)
    New black convertible top, boot, well liner. (Ebay, Dante's)
    Rebuild the heater box. (Autozone, Ebay)
    New rear suspension. (ESPO)
    New engine/lighting wiring harness' and alternator. (swap meet)
    New copper interior. (Dante's)
    AM radio conversion, add 8-track player, speakers and amp. (retroradiopa.us, Ebay)
    Front disk brake conversion. (Ebay)
    Add Detroit Trutrac limited slip diff. (Dr.Diff)
    Engine rebuild, add stroker kit.

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  1. 440 Charger
    Very Nice job.
  2. 440 Charger
    That works well.
  3. Durandal25
    Ok, so I’d admit I’m a bit of a 67 vert fan. Loving this thread!!
      JimCoronette likes this.
    Nicely done! Kinda partial to the 500s:thumbsup:
      JimCoronette likes this.
  5. Tee Ell
    What a great classic convertible - nice work - can’t wait to see it all finished - congrats !!
      JimCoronette likes this.
  6. VeryFastCoronet
    Still have her??
    For some reason I buy all of my cars out of NY!
    1. JimCoronette
      JimCoronette, Feb 16, 2019
  7. Rob R
    I like it !!
      JimCoronette likes this.
  8. MoparTattoo
    :elmer:great job, its looking great from what you can see. i love that its a convertible. really looking forward to seeing its progress. have fun! ps, where in upstate do you live? i am originally from Russell MA. and thats where my dad lives and if you ever need someone to do work on your interior/convertible top he is one of the most trusted and skilled in upholstery there is out east. and hes a big mopar guy. you’d have fun just driving out to his 90 acre mountain top cabin to see his 68’ barracuda with a 6.1 hemi. cheers!
      JimCoronette likes this.
    1. JimCoronette
      Thanks. I'm across the river from West Point. I'll definitely look your Dad up if I ever get up that way.
      JimCoronette, Dec 1, 2018
  9. bobgears
    nice work
      JimCoronette likes this.
    1. JimCoronette
      Thanks! :)
      JimCoronette, Dec 1, 2018
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