1967 Dodge Coronet

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  • 9065A84B-4BD5-4AAA-B4D4-4A271A8D465E.jpeg I saw this car at a car show 3 years ago and had to buy it. Luckily it was for sale buy the owner who had owned the car for the last 28 years. I was 9 years old when I went to Crawford Motors in Watertown Mass with my dad to pick up his new 1967 Dodge Coronet 440 .
    It was our first 2 door sporty car with a 318 v8. I thought the car was so cool. We went on many road trips with that car. I have found a few old pictures of it. So I’ve always had soft spot in my heart for that car.
    That’s why when a saw this one I just new it was meant for me. It is in remarkable original shape except for the RT rims and a flow master exhaust,that sounds great. I have original rims and hub caps. The interior is like new as well as the rest of the car. I also have all original paper work , build sheet, receipt with options signed paid in cash and more. I don’t drive it to much. Just to a few shows now and then and occasionally to work a mile away. Everyone loves the car and wants to talk about it. I really enjoy having my Coronet. I know my dad would think it is really cool that I have this car.

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  1. JimCoronette
    It's a beauty!
    Best of all it looks to be TT1 Medium Copper Metallic which mine will hopefully be next year at this time.
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  2. moparnation74
    Beautiful Coronet and thanks for the pics.....

    Love the side trim...
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  3. Ratbastard
    Love the car, bumperettes look good, the rims and red lines make it. I have the same look, so these cars are very special to me, and get a lot of attention when we’re out in it. Good luck with your new ride.
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  4. watermelon
    nice ride. looks very glossy.

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  5. 66ChargerHI-PO
    Beautiful car. Love the color. Great story as well. Enjoy.:)
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  6. R413
    That car is a beautiful machine! Love the 1967’s. Very good cars also. What color interior?
    1. JimCoronette
      JimCoronette, Jul 13, 2019
    2. Joe coronet
      Thanks. Black interior.
      Joe coronet, Jul 15, 2019
    3. R413
      Very nice car
      R413, Jul 17, 2019
  7. Riverdawg
    Great Coronet. Congrats
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