1968 Dodge Coronet 500

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  • A few shots along the way to some of the shows I have taken her to since I "completed" the restoration in April 2017. Every assembly restored was date code correct to be the original item for the cars build date.

    Numbers matching 318
    Numbers matching 904
    Original 2.94 locking rear axle (lighter 741 casting)
    Power Steering (Stage III FirmFeel kit)
    Power Brakes
    Factory AC
    Edelbrock Performer Manifold
    FiTech Go-Street
    Tanks Inc in Tank Fuel Pump
    340 cam
    Accurate Exhaust dual exhaust system with Hemi mufflers on the stock cast manifolds

    The restoration from the day I bought it to today can be found here:

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  1. 70X Driver
    You've done a fantastic job with your car, Jim. I hope to get out there and see it this May. I'm hoping we can get together up in New York as well this summer.
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  2. Pauls68
    Nice job Jim, I love the chrome trim in the rear qtrs, my 68 Coro is silver and would look good with these added maybe with red highlight. I’m in Australia though and have no idea what they are called. How did u come across yours?
    1. JimKueneman
      They are part of the 500 trim package. You can find them on eBay once in a while
      JimKueneman, Jan 10, 2018
    2. Pauls68
      Thanks Jim, I posted a WTB and a member here just linked me to a set on Ebay, so I am all good. thanks for the reply
      Pauls68, Jan 10, 2018
  3. davek
    sharp car,love it.
  4. Moparstyle
    Gorgeous 68 what a great restoration
  5. Mocajava
    I have to ask about the Fitech and how well that is working for you. I plan on a Fitech system too and wondered how simple it was to use and how you like it. I have heard some things about it not being as simple as it is advertised but want real world experience. Did you run the total package with the auxiliary canister under the hood or go all the way back to your tank and change to an EFI pump internally? After a ground up on my 69coronet, I have the option of a total EFI with tank and pump change to eliminate the canister under the hood. Thinking I may do it all the way back to eliminate the clutter under the hood and make it cleaner. Pm me if you have the time Jim and again....you did a spectacular job! Mocajava
  6. Mocajava
    Beautiful job on the car and the photography work!
  7. dantheman
    Great color combination and great photogging too
  8. themechanic
    Very nice job. You should be proud of your accomplishment.
  9. slimert
    Beautiful! Great job Jim!!
  10. muscle cars r us.
    Damn, DAMN NICE '68 and you did great on the photo's. I'm going to start on my '66 Charger next year, if I can keep my wife from to many vacations, because we own a motor inn and close for the winter. I'm trying to finish what we call our "company car" which is a factory five racing cobra. She was raised on fords and I was RAISED MOPAR. As you can probably guess we are gearheads and that's where we came up with the idea and name for our motel The Gear Head Inn and all the rooms are done per muscle cars of the '60's early '70's. I think it's great you still have the 318 in the car and once again....DAMN NICE! JIM AT GEAR HEAD INN.
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