1969 Road runner

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  • 1969 Road runner numbers matching 383 with 727. Unfortunately car is missing fender tag so trying to figure out options is a puzzle. I believe was a Original B5 blue car with hints of a blue interior showing now replaced with black. Body is in good shape but will need some repairs and repaint to fix past mistakes. A pleasure to drive but can't wait to free up some horsepower. Looking forward to enjoying with others at local car shows and cruises! Highly excited to be driving my dream car again!
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  1. dcoland70RR
    Awesome Ride!
  2. 6t6slodart
    Beautiful car sir! What size wheels and tires in the rear may I ask? Has car been tubbed at all?Thank you!
  3. SuperBeeman
    Our work is never done. We need to change the things we don't like but I did not see anything I would change , beautiful.
  4. dantheman
    nice ass (can I say ass?) shot!! congrats on ur new addition
  5. bobgears
    Very nice car!
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  6. Steven D.
    You have a nice looking RR, wish i could convince my wife I need one to keep our charger company.
      Demondart77 likes this.
    1. dantheman
      that's how my wife got another dog outta me. of course, its hard to turn her down when she didn't flinch when the paint job for my car went to 10 k.
      dantheman, Aug 2, 2017
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