1970 Roadrunner

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  • 158500FC-8427-418D-85C5-AC3F29E88C64.jpeg 4CB4A795-01B5-40A3-9A6F-7F9184EBAEA3.jpeg C0BE2B01-C61D-4D6F-AA27-DF313CC0E170.jpeg A55238FA-9155-4B94-B230-3D1ED1B0C27F.jpeg 38F941F9-C407-4300-8EE5-E13391212A36.jpeg 2CA60931-E40D-419E-9F8B-FEAB1FEA576D.jpeg 6545BCDD-3B2C-4C13-A160-FBC6B226A3A1.jpeg 277CF036-9C1F-47E9-9376-AA23E0DB8345.jpeg CEAF12A3-4D6F-44E1-B5B4-32290B80A730.jpeg 844A775C-8EB2-4702-99A9-1A13E139EEA6.jpeg E2EE5719-D9E3-4E7B-ADD5-3E07F0E5582D.jpeg BD2830FC-32D1-4DCC-B539-B459AACDE812.jpeg 00DA10A4-5313-4269-BD3A-8CA50831FED6.jpeg A092479B-6E3B-4E53-BE29-B6C98E89FC51.jpeg E9FEA5A2-71B8-49BC-9ED1-ED8AEDF853B4.jpeg 5AD25F33-BC81-40FC-87A5-306999720AF0.jpeg 9870F921-8198-446C-B283-0201866E0087.jpeg 4F0D4305-D7B9-4B26-AC02-EC61DDB0DEDC.jpeg So I found this car on Craig's List. The guy had three and this was the worst of the bunch. I loved it! The first pics are all I had to go by before my buddy John and I went to see and pick up the car.
    No engine, tranny, bumpers, grill... but if you look close at the pics, the seats are there, with the headrests, and there looks to be the back window in the front seat.
    Got there to see it and, wow! It was rough but lots of extra parts in the trunk. No side scoops but the back window was in the front! We found the back seat in the bushes and they threw in a few extras from the other car they had left.
    Got it home and tried to clean it out. Many patches are needed but no biggie!
    Ok, here we go! The motorcycle is what I traded for the car!
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  1. 66ChargerHI-PO
    Congrats on the rescue. Glad it was saved. Great story. Needs a lot of work though. Tell me the stupid side moldings are going to go away? Best of luck with the resto. Please keep us posted.
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  2. Sprad
    Last two pics are treasure found under the seat when cleaning out the car! Not really worth much but pretty cool. It cleaned up nice too! This is going back in the car for sure!
    1. MoparTattoo
      so neat
      MoparTattoo, Dec 4, 2018
  3. Sprad
    Something kind of interesting happened. I mentioned above that the owners had three cars up there. I just put a posting on Craig's List for some parts. I mentioned a few details about the car and asked if anyone out there were the other two buyers. I have a few extra parts and I'm still trying to find the set of side scoops so I thought that maybe one of them had the extra parts in their car. One of the guys actually contacted me! He didn't have the side scoops but I do have some interior parts that he needs.
    Kind of fun finding a guy that bought one of the other cars. It's like extended family of sorts because the cars were "related". I of course told him about this site so hopefully we will see him here shortly!
  4. 62440
    Nice trade. Looks like a fun project
  5. 340challconvert
    Good luck with a great project
  6. MoparTattoo
    congratulations man! thats really great and im glad for another mopar find and project. it fuels me on in my project to wanna keep trucking little part by little. i would have traded that motorcycle for a roadrunner if i owned the motorcycle as well, good trade off. im sure he benefited as much as you felt you did. great score. and i agree, post many progress pics and updates.
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  7. 1972GY8SE
    Nice find, good luck with it.
  8. HD539
    Sweet find. Post lots of pics as you go.
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  9. Nothingman93
    Nice car with lotsa potential.
    Hoping for similar score.
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