1971 Coronet Custom / Fender Edition

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  • 1971 Coronet Custom
    Pretty Much Original as Equipped

    Future garage will be putting the Warchild 400 BB in the Coronet.
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  1. davek
    sweet ride and I love the puppy :thumbsup: sleeper all the way.
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  2. Sparky Anderson
    Looks like a very rust free car, great car to bump up the power for a post car and make everybody's jaw drop for a 4 door car. I have seen it done before and it was amazing.
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  3. 440 Charger
    Not impressive.
  4. 66383
    Hustle Stuff needs a WIX oil filter. Just an opinion.:lol:
    1. Studio70
      Duly noted.
      Studio70, Nov 20, 2020
    Love the car phone:lol: and the security system, wouldn't put my hand in that window!
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    1. Studio70
      Ya your hand would get licked raw.
      Studio70, Nov 20, 2020
  6. Challenger340
    Very neat ride you have there ! Looks great !
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  7. 6t6slodart
    Great Coronet sir! Learned to drive in one of those that my dad bought new! {got license in '71} and have been looking for a '71 coronet in the back of my mind for years, but it seems like there aren't many left. Is there a website {other than this one} where some are for sale? Enjoy, especially with your co-pilot!!!
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    1. Studio70
      6t6...Thanks for compliment. Yep..copilots are mandatory.
      I have not yet found a good source for finding them for sale. Usually if I find one they are pretty much basket cases. 70s sedans are really rare. I would sell mine. I get the most out of building cars and have my eyes on a few other projects. I drive my 71 everyday to pickup and drop off the copilot from daycare..lol. Also love filling the trunk up at the local wallyworld. Have a great day.
      Studio70, Nov 19, 2020
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  8. R413
    Nice clean car, and it’s DOG approved! Jamie likes it too!
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  9. satilite73
    NICE!! Love the '71-'74 B-body 4drs. I like how you did the interior and your stereo mount has given me ideas for my own car! :thumbsup:
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  10. blue69runner
    Nice car. Looks grate. You did some good work on it. LOL on the dog in the front seat. Have fun buddy. blue.
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