1972 plymouth satellite sebring plus

  • 20150816_120256.jpg i10634.jpg i10635.jpg i11155.jpg i14575.jpg i14625.jpg i14741.jpg i15138.jpg 20160802_164954.jpg 20150816_120256.jpg 71 383 sassygrass runner is long gone and new owner painted it orange.:○
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  1. sebring+
    It has 71 side markers and rear bumper because i like them better than 72.
    Wasn't too hard to cut in the side marker holes.
    It has the ultra rare first run 400 block. #'s matching car.
  2. sebring+
    Here I sit in a port in Pakistan. Never have time to work on my SSP.
  3. sebring+
    White gauges. Not sure if I like them yet.
  4. Ron 73
    Nice looking ride!
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