1972 Roadrunner 440+6 (tribute)

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    **Last Edit 1/26/20: added VIN info and pic of 6bbl conversion & added pn# of valve covers and various info**

    1972 Plymouth Satellite now a 440+6 Road Runner tribute.

    This Satellite was originally a 318 2bbl Sherwood Forest Green base car (see VIN info below) and now it is a 440+6 Roadrunner tribute (clone) and it was repainted in 2010 and the seats were recovered plus a new rug. The car had only 12,051 miles on it (verified by title & rmv ) when I bought it May 2015 !!!!, and it had the 440 w/Holley 750cfm 4bbl setup on it with the modified 727 and the Dana rear.

    Here's the VIN & Body Tag info:

    Plymouth Belvedere, Satellite 2 Door Hardtop

    G2G: 318 150HP (net) or 155HP (net) 2BBL 8 CYL 1972 St. Louis, MO, USA
    183586: Sequence number

    E44: 318 cid 2 barrel V8 230hp
    D34: Light Duty Automatic Transmission
    GF7: Sherwood Green Poly Exterior Color
    C2XW: Trim - Charger, Vinyl Bench Seat, Black/White
    EW1: Dower White Int. Door Frames
    330: Build Date: March 30
    253973: Order number

    EW1: Dower White Top Color
    U: USA Specifications
    G35: Delete Standard Outside Mirror
    J52: Inside Hood Release
    M21: Roof drip rail moldings
    M31: Belt Moldings

    M33: Body Side Moldings
    R11: Radio Solid State AM (2 Watts)
    V02: Two Tone Paint Treatment
    V5X: Body Side Stripes, Black

    (current mileage: 14,915) Current status: **In storage for winter**

    Engine: 446 cubic in (.30 over 1970 HP block ), ported 906 heads, 6bbl (see below), 10:1 flat top pistons, Howard's Street Force 3 cam, Headers w/ a 2 1/2'" exhaust, 7 quart oil pan w/extended pickup.

    Transmission: 727 auto with shift kit + a 2500rpm stall converter.

    Rear: Dana 60 rear with 4:10's and custom Super Stock leaf springs (see below).


    Update 6/30/17: Changed out the Weld racing wheels for 63 Series O.E. Chrysler wheels from Wheel Vintiques (2x15x6,2x15x8 w/ 3.5" backspace).

    The wheels: (https://www.wheelvintiques.com/wheels/chrysler-o-e.html)

    Update 5/11/19: I removed the 750cfm Holley 4 bbl and Edelbrock Torker intake and installed the Edelbrock 6BBL intake plus the 1350cfm Holley 6 bbl carbs (it took 6 hours to install, taking my time and making sure it was done right) also I had the dirty old white strobe stripe changed to a new gold reflective stripe and replaced the 440 hood & trunk decals w/ the 440+6 decals.
    I got the complete 6 bbl kit from Herb's Parts :thumbsup: The BEST there is Folks !!!!! I Always Trust Herb's !!! :usflag:

    The 6BBL: (http://www.herbsparts.com/proddetail.asp?prod=6PAKRBENG&cat=719)

    Update 6/2/19: Replaced the stock 318 leaf springs (5 driver & 5 pass) with custom Super Stock leaf springs ( 6 driver, 7 pass ) and with 2 1/2" lift built into them and now the car handles MUCH BETTER. It's much more stiffer in turns and does not bounce on bumps at all. Also changed the exhaust pipes to straight exits instead of the California turn downs it came with.

    The Springs: (https://www.generalspringkc.com/product_p/33-907.htm) Normally they come as 6l & 6r but my springs are 6l & 7r (custom made).

    Rear spring, strobe stripe & decal work done by: (https://www.randysautos.net/directions) This is a local Massachusetts mopar guru and always has something going on, his personal cars are legendary and he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet......he always has some killer muscle cars for sale !! go talk to him and check him out !!

    Update 7/26/19: Added the vintage, rare & legendary Direct Connection "Tall" valve covers (PN#3769415 (right) and #3769420 (left) to give the motor a more correct factory/stock look (painted with Herb's Hemi Orange engine paint (http://www.herbsparts.com/proddetail.asp?prod=2024&cat=825)..... I also updated the manual's pictures.
    And yes the car fk'ing screams !!! :lowdown: I mean WOW !!!! Holy Shi...:wetting: "Hold it Luke - we're headin' for the barn !!!!!...YEE HAWWW !!!!"

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  1. Beep!Beep!
    Cool, looking to do something similar with mine ,great looking 440 much improved over the before
      chucklbunny likes this.
  2. steinism
    Love the stance, what size tires did you go with and is that stock ride height in the front?
      chucklbunny likes this.
    1. chucklbunny
      The tires are: Front 215/75 R15 and Rear 275/60 R15
      and on the front I cranked up the torsion bars 2 clicks from stock.
      chucklbunny, Nov 16, 2019
  3. Ewkunde
    Your rig is awesome! Always loved the 72 and what an impressive tribute!
      chucklbunny likes this.
  4. BBodyC
    looks like trouble...looks great...LOL
      chucklbunny likes this.
  5. Riverdawg
    gRReat car.
      chucklbunny likes this.
  6. Tim McElligott
    Bad...VERY BAD!
      chucklbunny likes this.
  7. 72 Satellite
    I love the stance from the 2.5" lift, considering it for my ride but not sure how to accomplish it with a 4-link coil over rear.
      chucklbunny likes this.
    1. chucklbunny
      Thanks ! just in case you or anyone else is wondering where the springs came from, it was here and they fit 66-73 b-bodies:


      chucklbunny, Jul 27, 2019
    2. 66ChargerHI-PO
      @72Satellite. I really don't think your car needs it. As you know I saw your car at Carlisle and I like the stance just where it is. It's your car but that is just my opinion.
      66ChargerHI-PO, Aug 12, 2019
      chucklbunny and 72 Satellite like this.
  8. 1969daytona
    Dig the green and gold combo.. :thumbsup:
      chucklbunny likes this.
  9. MFP
    Super mate .... love the stance and overall look..... :thumbsup:
      chucklbunny likes this.
  10. 70plygtx
    Very Nice
      chucklbunny likes this.
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