1973 Dodge Charger

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  • CC376B9C-3A67-4D8E-ADA0-BE06C462E13A.jpeg 67117FDF-0A9E-4CD7-8376-8486283BE9FD.jpeg 544C49D3-848F-4835-A76A-C8CFE7D02E66.jpeg 50F48A98-EAB1-4A3F-A5B1-D6CC9A8BB959.jpeg C6BCE0BF-59F6-4B53-9640-7BEC1C83F440.jpeg D42D18B0-337D-4FC6-B083-331D368281E4.jpeg 36692CF0-B633-4DFA-8333-FC03EBD0452E.jpeg 330230E0-633F-447C-8F26-7FCD46AB829A.jpeg 8A920668-B445-4D9B-943A-2783477C90CD.jpeg 2CF3F16C-5840-40C9-A1EB-CA528A832623.jpeg C27F62D7-D6D2-4A33-BC45-FFA69F47DFE1.jpeg 62A363E0-4178-4A70-A474-71895907726E.jpeg 68AA733D-DCDD-40A7-A3AF-9C495673D0AB.jpeg 788743A8-074C-4C53-BCCA-3B61CD79F737.jpeg 384B6C13-2CDD-4EE6-9171-0CE701441F37.jpeg D3F50D64-1217-4E8C-A10A-F40340B3B9BB.jpeg CCF3FA16-A457-4BBF-94BB-A446BE6CD3E8.jpeg 77ADEA41-DE8F-4321-846C-CC0DFA0650D6.jpeg 06962373-4FBE-4E44-B851-5D037CF81922.jpeg 91194BE7-3895-4AC8-A4EA-F93363AB9595.jpeg 54ACC626-549D-40C7-8164-D372872BE165.jpeg 105C949D-C4A6-499F-9A48-C2D9B9633DFE.jpeg 012568AC-E9FF-4782-B6C5-8428C2F2CA57.jpeg 672BDA49-04BB-4F26-9F9B-EF21B62492BC.jpeg
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  1. 340challconvert
    Nice Charger Project pickup
    Good luck with her:thumbsup:
  2. Chad Witham
    It has a 360 J head 318 in it, the engine trans and rear have all had significant work done. The plan is to get it running and drive it. I may one day hang quarters, fix the fenders and some other stuff and paint it.
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  3. 68Moparmaniac
    Cool, had one just like it. Swapped in a X head 340 after the 318 shucked a timing chain. Really like the power bulge on these third gens, breaks up the football long hood on those things nicely :thumbsup:
    So what's the plan?
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