1977 Chrysler Cordoba

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  • Not a rare Hemi car but noteworthy just the same. Chrysler called it their "Personal Luxury Car". The car has 35,000 documented miles with original never removed drive train, paint & interior. The lean burn system was discontinued around 98/99 in favor of a Mopar Performance Electronic Ignition kit. The "Soft Corinthian Leather" drivers seat has light wear and will be addressed. The Elk grain landau top is an NOS piece sourced shortly after purchasing car. Car starts, idles & runs out extremely well for a 42 year old car. All under hood decals & paint daubs are still there. EVERYTHING on the car works including the cruise control. Newly mounted Coker Maxxis radials 3/4 white walls at each corner. Car is optioned with pwr steering, pwr brakes, pwr windows & AC of which works well. There are numerous maintenance receipts documenting the low mileage, majority of which are from same shop. This car was the pride and joy of the original owner and it still shows today. It has been very rewarding to "dial in" this vehicle. Dave

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  1. blue69runner
    Grate looking ride. That is a cruiser for sure. Ride in comfort. Like it. Stood the age of time. Look's brand new from the pic's. :thumbsup:
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    1. dmoore
      Very close....she left for her new home last Friday..Thanks
      dmoore, Jun 25, 2020
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  2. Tee Ell
    You don’t see many of those anymore - especially in this condition- congrats !!
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  3. moparnation74
    I do enjoy seeing a well preserved original car!

    Thanks for posting these of your beauty!
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  4. XXWingCar
    What a nice piece Dave. Thanks for sharing and for all the pics. My dad had a dark brown '77 Cordoba with Lean Burn and brown "Rich Corinthian". It was a great cruising car. Wish I would have had the foresight then to hang on to it.
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  5. Sparky Anderson
    I had a 79 Cordoba, loved it with a 360, nice riding car for it's time, recommend to checking over the wiring, mine had an electrical fire and burned to the ground (parked), while wife was shopping in a mall.
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  6. 340challconvert
    Nice :thumbsup:
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  7. BBodyC
    Nice original car
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  8. Riverdawg
    Great car. Thanks for the great pics and story about it.
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    1. dmoore
      You are certainly welcome!
      dmoore, Dec 5, 2019
  9. 66ChargerHI-PO
    What a beautiful example of a Survivior Dave. Thanks for sharing. May I suggest bringing it to the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals and putting it in the Survivior display.
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    1. dmoore
      I thought about it yes..I have had several original Duster340's under Mel's tent last 10 years. I have a 64 Sport Fury convertible 426 that I'm also thinking of bringing up there in July. Although it's not a survivor it is a VERY nice restored original car. Your step dad's 66 is pretty cool!
      dmoore, Dec 4, 2019
  10. Dreamcatcher
    Those were amazing cars for their time. I missed a chance a while back to pick up a low mileage one. I think their styling is beautiful. A friend had one that had over 200K miles on it and was still going strong. Anyway beautiful ride you should be proud to own it. Thanks for sharing.
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    1. dmoore
      Missed chances are but future realizations
      dmoore, Dec 3, 2019
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