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  1. Riverdawg
    Looks like that could be a fun ride. Congrats.
  2. 340challconvert
    Nice early 50's style Mopar
    A lot of work but will be very cool when done!
  3. 493 Mike
    Do those floor support cross members just lay over the frame? Looks like a LOT of work but, you will have one of the few!
    I looked at a 1952 Plymouth for a Rat Rod project but, I knew I would want to fix it like new, can't quite get my head wrapped around the whole RR movement.
    1. 50 Coupe
      Yes, spot welded in places, then they run under the rocker panels. I will add photos with some of the panels welded in. Not trying to recreate original just get it working!
      50 Coupe, Jan 21, 2020
  4. 66ChargerHI-PO
    Very nice. Reminds me a lot of the High & Mighty from the Ramchargers :)
      50 Coupe likes this.
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