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518 Swap Issues at the crossmember

Ok.. So the 518 goes in pretty easy in place of the 727 However...The speedometer cable is not in an ideal location. Attached are photos of what I came up with to solve that issue. Move the bolt and grind the brace.

About this Mopar:

20210309_124512.jpg 20211115_164536.jpg 20211117_083847.jpg 20211117_083858.jpg 20211118_062950.jpg trans cross 20210319_145033.jpg speedo mods 20211118_101237.jpg speedo mods 20211118_101819.jpg speedo mods 20211118_113536.jpg speedo mods 20211118_133220.jpg speedo mods 20211118_134201.jpg speedo mods 20211118_134212.jpg speedo mods 20211118_141458.jpg speedo mods 20211118_141505.jpg speedo mods 20211118_141630.jpg speedo mods 20211118_141717.jpg speedo mods 20211118_145244.jpg speedo mods 20211118_152156.jpg speedo mods 20211118_154533.jpg speedo mods 20211118_154550.jpg


Omg, you overcame quite an issue, any chance you can find an angle drive? ( kinda too late I know) lol
Yep...there is always something that needs to be done to make non stock things work. Thanks.

The Angle drives are huge and would not work.

Moving the bolt down was was the best solution...ultimately I think the Engine Tranny needs to move back about an inch to be perfect. However that I am sure will create a whole new set of issues. The O.D. is really nice and worth all the hassles though.
Have you put the tans. in yet. How did it all fit. Had to change my cross member from auto matic to manual. Was not that big of a job. Good luck and keep rolling. :thumbsup:
I’m preparing to install 46RH in a 1968 Charger. I’ve purchased a upper loop from Hooker for this specific transmission. I think I have the exact lower cross member that you have. What was your final drive line pinion angles?

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