64 Dodge Polara - progress update 5

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  • While the work has slowed significantly due to a bulged disc pressing on my sciatic nerves I have assigned myself to small item work that need done anyway. I will have some outpatient surgery on 9/17 that should take care of this. So here are some small things I've done in the meantime.
    Painted my (cop) wheels to match car
    Added my dog dish caps
    Painted hood scoop
    Did body work and primed bumpers
    Talked 60' time with Garlits (about his e=dragster)
    Had Big Daddy sign my gl IMG_1469[1].JPG IMG_1448[1].JPG IMG_1420[1].JPG IMG_1180[1].JPG IMG_1199[1].JPG glove box door
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  1. 66ChargerHI-PO
    I would like to start with saying best of luck with your surgery, hoping that everything goes well, and you have a speedy recovery. Also congratulations on having Mr. Garlits sign your glove box door.The small things make a big difference. Keep up the good work, take it easy
  2. Riverdawg
    Looking good. Love that e-dragster project that Mr. Garlits. 87 years old and still running dragsters at 185+ mph. Love it. Good luck with your surgery.
  3. BBodyC
    forward progress...that's what matters
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