67 Belvedere II Convertible

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  • 67 Belvedere II Convertible
    F-code 318, 727

    I bought this nice Belvedere II convertible with about 51k miles on it in 1995 from a guy in Pembroke Pines, FL. He had just picked up an RO23 Super Stock Belvedere II project and needed to make room in his garage. He was the second owner and hadn't owned it for very long. The car was originally from Cincinnati, OH. It's original owner brought it to FL when he retired and put it in storage. He passed away and his son was selling off the estate. The car ran and drove OK and my wife used it as her daily driver for maybe a year or two because we've only put about 7-8k miles on the car.

    Life got busy in the early 2000's and this car began sitting too much and it had to sit outside because our oversize (thankfully) 1-car garage was occupied with by my 67 Satellite. We finally moved into a new house with a 3-car garage so I could get this one indoors. The new house, and other things, took too much of my attention and $'s so this one has been sitting.

    I've been collecting parts for it for a while and have started going through the drivetrain, suspension and brakes with the goal of at least getting it back on the road. The body, paint, interior, etc. are far from perfect, but in decent enough shape that we can leave those alone for now. Longer-term, I still want to go through this car completely, but am still undecided on what direction to take the car - keep it original, or at least close; make it a sister to my hardtop and dress it up with the 383, bucket seats and trim from the 67 Satellite convertible I parted out and paint copper it to match; dress it up like a GTX. So many choices...

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  1. BBodyC
    I agree with Riverdawg...any way you go it will nice
  2. Riverdawg
    Great pair you have there. You could take the car any direction and it'll be great.
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