'67 belvedere

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  • 20180403_112821.jpg 20180821_131634.jpg 20180817_183837.jpg 20150902_172216.jpg 20160307_113934.jpg 20180629_130950.jpg 20160430_171936.jpg 20180821_131634.jpg 20180403_112821.jpg 1967 plymouth belvedere 2 4 door sedan. I bought the car in 2015. Completely disassembled the car to the shell. I converted it to use factory bucket seats, and console. I got the idea because I have a 2011 Dodge Charger RT (Toxic Orange) which happens to be a 4 door. Getting back to the Plymouth. I was able to use a stock shifter, and linkage, because the floor pan was stamped with the floor shift boss and the three dimples to use for the rubber boot for the linkage through the floor, and of course on the rear floor pan has 20180403_112821.jpg the boss for the dual exhaust bracket and hanger are there also. The car will get a 383, with hipo exhaust manifolds. It will be a mild 383.i spent some time on my back with a propane torch and a scraper. Anybody who has done this knows what I'm talking about. I was going to go with an after market wiring harness, but i did some research, and i went with a factory dash harness from m&h electric, and the rear, and engine compartment harness was supplied by evans wiring, in fact bill evans made a new back up light harness for the back up lights (used original sockets) i have read that ron francis badmouths the bulkhead connector in these cars, but this car is fifty plus years old, and had no electrical issues before i disassembled it. It was all plug, and play. I used dielectric grease on all plugs, and connections. I am not putting down aftermarket wiring harnesses. I just did not feel like reengineering anything. I must give a shout out to tonys mopar parts, Jim Drain, Rick Ehrenberg, Scrogs hot rods. Jim Drain was especially helpful with any questions i had.i was asked why i would want to work on a 4 door, i said because these are orphan cars that are ripped apart for parts. I remember in the the eighties i saw a '66 or '67 Buick wildcat with a console and bucket seats. I thought that was pretty cool, and of course I bought my Charger Rt in 2011, and i got the idea maybe i can do this with a plymouth or dodge b body. Like I said previously the plymouth sedan came with the floor pan stamped with the provision for a factory floor shift, and dual exhaust. The newer pix i added are the front seat area where I completed the install of the console and shifter. The door panels were redone by Paul Pascatore, as well as the rest of the interior. The two tone panels in the earlier pictures looked cheesy. The windshield, and back glass will go in soon. I'm doing some research in my area ( Ocala,Fl) for glass companies that can handle older cars. First requirement is no belt buckles.

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  1. 66ChargerHI-PO
    Great project car. What was the original color and engine? Please keep us updated. Best of luck.:thumbsup:
      halojumper likes this.
    1. halojumper
      The original color was silver. The interior was was silver, and blue. The car was originally a silver special. It had a 318 and 727 torqueflite. It was manufactured in the St.Louis plant.
      halojumper, Apr 24, 2019 at 9:29 AM
  2. R413
    I had a 273 4 door, put in a 67 440 and power buckets from 67 300. Drilled the exhaust bracket like you did, and the floor was dimpled for the bucket seat holes. I kept the column shift. Ran 14.02@98 mph with 3.23’s and street radials just feathering it off the line then going full throttle.

    Luv these 4 door b-bodies! Great job!
      halojumper likes this.
  3. micmoe
    That thing is off the chain, sweet man real sweet. Love it 4Drs and all. Where did you get the defrost duct vents or are they original?
    1. halojumper
      AMS obsolete, Fairmont, Georgia. Only problem is they cost $145.00 plus shipping. I had no choice to get them, because they are rare as hens teeth used, but i suppose you get held hostage, and have to pay the ransom
      halojumper, Apr 21, 2019 at 11:09 AM
    2. halojumper
      If you noticed i changed the upholstery on the door panels. The two tone looked cheesy. The interior was done by Paul Pascatore, Ocala,Fl. Does fantastic work.
      halojumper, Apr 21, 2019 at 11:14 AM
  4. 68Moparmaniac
    Making great progress, looks like your finish line is in sight. :thumbsup:
    1. halojumper
      Thanks, it's getting there.
      halojumper, Apr 15, 2019
  5. halojumper
    Car goes Monday for headliner, and carpet....finally
  6. halojumper
    The last picture is not Harry and the Henderson's. This what happens when you spend a couple of days scraping undercoating of the underside of a car.
  7. halojumper
    We don't need no stinkin' front bench seat
  8. halojumper
    Bought a headlight harness with the relays from Robert Yule. Great harness, and instructions.
  9. halojumper
    Hopefully soon the headliner, and rug goes in. Then the glass etc.
  10. bearman
    really nice, like wagons the 4 doors are becoming more and more a desired projects.
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