67 Satellite Convertible

  • 1967 Satellite Convertible
    G-code 383 2bbl, 727

    I came across this big block convertible in the early '90's The previous owner was in way over his head (I think either his wife or the Home Owners Association made him get it out of the driveway) and made me a good deal. The body looked OK from a distance, but it was full of rot. About the only thing going for it was the big block and bucket seats. The engine ran, but the car was not driveable. The fuel tank was so full of rust that the filter sock on the pickup tube would suck shut after a few minutes of idling, The previous owner had been in the middle of swapping in a late-model LeBaron disc brake setup when he gave up on the project . To fit the larger diameter brake booster, he had hammered in the inner fender. When I bought it, he had the booster and master cylinder mounted and the spindles on, but had yet to mount the calipers or run brake lines. Luckily for me, I had a friend that was parting out a 67 Belvedere and was willing to give me the front spindle/drum setup for a few bucks so I could at least get the car driveable. I got it going just enough to drive it out to a friends property where I could park it along with his MOPAR yard ornaments.

    I originally had plans to bring this car back to life, but the more I got into it, I could see that it was going to make much more than the finished car would ever be worth and I ended up finding a low mileage Belvedere II convertible that was a running/driving car so I bought that instead of restoring this one. I ended up stripping this car for parts and junking the rusted hulk. I really didn't like sending a big block convertible to the crusher and while it technically could have been saved, it would never be worth the investment it would have taken.
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  1. BBodyC
    that's the way it goes sometimes
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