69 Roadrunner

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  • My 69 Roadrunner is about 80 restored. Looking for interior parts. Lower dash pad (Black) especially. Roadrunner.jpg

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  1. ScottyT
    Shes gorgeous!
  2. Acworld34
    did you put a full QA1 front end in? was it bolt on for the most part? Any cutting? I saw that they had one for our models and wondered if to just get the frame and do the brakes and everything else separately.(if that is possible).
  3. MoparDanMan
    Very nice car and it's coming along nicely. I didn't know you could get a small block in a 69 Road Runner.
  4. Nevada dan
    the back of a roadrunner looks so good with big tires under it
      blue69runner likes this.
    Nice but, where are the pics?
    1. Kurt Pegg
      Thanks. Put some more photos up
      Kurt Pegg, Feb 27, 2021
  6. gooser
    i like the look what motor
    1. Kurt Pegg
      Has a new crate motor. 360 stroked out to 409. Fully balanced makes over 500 HP and 500 FT/LB's to the rear axel :)
      Kurt Pegg, Feb 27, 2021
  7. 67charger383
    love the turbines
    1. Kurt Pegg
      Thanks. I wanted something different. I have only seen one other one and really liked the look but it took forever to find the wheels.
      Kurt Pegg, Feb 24, 2021
      Sleep and 67charger383 like this.
    2. blue69runner
      Don't know where you go those turbo fine mag's. ET mags use to sell that type.
      blue69runner, Mar 5, 2021
  8. Nevada dan
    nice car , like the look
  9. blue69runner
    Grate looking runner. Say how much rubber on the back their. Is it tubed to get those tires on. Had to ask. Those dash pad's are hard to find.
  10. multimopes
    Wow, that is a beauty, nice work! More pictures please!
    1. Kurt Pegg
      Thanks, I put some more pictures up.
      Kurt Pegg, Feb 27, 2021
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