70 Satellite

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  1. Chris Many
    welcome to the group. Would like to see some detail engine compartments shots.
  2. blue69runner
    Nice find. Keep us up on the build. :thumbsup:
  3. R413
    Tag says 1970 Satellite 4 door sedan 318 auto
    Scheduled production date October 25, 1969
    body color EF8 dark green metallic
    roof color FF4 lime,green metallic
    H1F8 high class cloth and vinyl bench seat dark green
    EF8 dark green upper door frame paint
    basic radio group
    LH remote mirror
    air conditioning
    3 speed wipers
    Drip rail moulding
    AM radio
    Two tone paint
    Body side moulding
    26” wide radiator
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  4. R413
    That tag tells the colors and options the car came with. The serial number is there so you know what car it goes to. I can decode it for you later tonight.
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    1. Early
      Thank you
      Early, Dec 22, 2021
  5. 65Bel
    Good to see that scavengers haven't been at it Joe. Looks nice and complete. If your floor pans are solid you should be off to the races on this project. Nice find!
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  6. R413
    Welcome to the site. Nice car, good save on it! Question, underhood by the battery is a metal tag with numbers stamped, can you show a photo of that?
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    1. Early
      Sure. Buy what does it all mean
      Early, Dec 22, 2021
    2. Early
      i added the pic to the photos above
      Early, Dec 22, 2021
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