70 Superbird Hemi Replica

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  • 4 IMG_2470.jpg IMG_2440.jpg 426 Stanton Hemi, Janak Nose and Wing. A nut and bolt resto with new floor pans , quarters , etc and after patiently waiting 8 years I don't what fuel type { additives} to use. HaHa. IMG_2470.jpg IMG_2440.jpg IMG_2437.jpg new pics April 2013 268.jpg IMG_2470.jpg IMG_2440.jpg IMG_2437.jpg new pics April 2013 268.jpg
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  1. hemi*guy
    Great Job!
  2. MoparVertsrule
    Nice Job... I want one :asskiss:
  3. jollygreengiant
    That's beautiful !!
  4. mopar1cjh
  5. 68Moparmaniac
    What a fun ride, gotta be a hoot to drive :thumbsup:
  6. 70chall440
    Beautiful car
  7. 340challconvert
    That looks Great!:steering:
  8. bobgears
    That car is amazing, you did a fantastic job!
  9. 6t6slodart
    That car looks fantastic, and I imagine a whole lot cheaper to where it is finished compared to a real one. Great job!
  10. HD539
    Thanks for sharing, nice car!!
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