72 Road Runner

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  • Ive done a few things that could be undone if necessary, but here's a list:
    1- 17" front and 18" rear torque thrusts with "black" chrome finish. I love them because they dont tarnish and always stay shiny. Also installed hubcentric wheel spacer/adapters to bring the wheels out even more. Lowered the front a little too. I think I got the stance exactly where I want it. Again, as inspired by a few other members here.
    2- Under the hood the only thing that doesnt work is the original a/c. I recently rebuilt the wiper motor (thanks Kim) and upgraded the electric system with a headlight relay harness and alternator bypass (thanks crackedback). I know the radiator and carb/intake manifold are not original but the engine (33,000 miles) and trans are original. Mzybe someone can point out any other non-original parts?
    3- Inside the cabin I made a few changes, but... a prior owner painted the entire interior black (original blue interior) and converted the column shift to floor mount. First thing I did was custom shortened the steering column crush can . I added a hood tach, pulled apart the dashboard, adding a dash cover, cleaning up all the instruments, polishing the lenses, changing bulbs and finally painting the fake wood grain to an argent type gray. Also replaced the ball handle shifter with a pistol grip and rubber boot. Replaced ash trays and glovebox, repaired window mechanisms and seriously cleaned everything up. Original AM-FM radio still works but likes to drift off frequency.
    4- Outside I've spent most of my time under the car. Replaced a few cables and lines, but cleaned up everything using Eastman products and there is very little rust. I designed and had the coyote and Acme decals made to amuse those who loved watching as a kid, and real kids! To me those were the best cartoons ever made.

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  1. Riverdawg
    Nice Road Runner!
  2. 340challconvert
  3. chucklbunny
    Sweet ride ! Pure Stealth !!!
  4. themechanic
    That's pretty cool. I would love to have a triple black 72-73 Charger SE with side louvers like the one I saw when I was 17.
  5. Rjbrogan
    Absolutely love your car!!!!
  6. Sparky Anderson
    Very nice ride looks great.
  7. Tee Ell
    That is a great Road Runner - really like the way you have it set up - congratulations!!
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