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  • JUST PICKED UP A 73 CHARGER 340--WITH 68,000 MILES-GRE 42123598_2070634273249564_846084209142398976_n.jpg EN BUSKETS AND CONSOLE

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  1. 340challconvert
  2. hanks73340
    Gorgeous car you have.:thumbsup:
      Charge it likes this.
    1. Charge it
      It’s a beauty
      Charge it, Feb 5, 2019
  3. Charge it
  4. 1967coronet
    I have always liked the 71 - 74 body style, nice looking charger.
      340challconvert likes this.
  5. 68Moparmaniac
    Had one myself, X head 340 out of a 70 Challenger. Sold it to a guy in Australia, he said these machines are like gold down under...
  6. FrnkNsteen
    Nice car! I remember a friend that one had one very much like that!
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