Bill’s 70 Charger

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  • I acquired this car in 1995 from a friend. I don’t consider myself to be a hardcore “car guy”; I just enjoy having a special ride. VIN: XS29U0G132625. The first thing done was extensive body work. The car was taken down to bare metal and all rust and previously damaged body parts were replaced. Next the interior was completely redone with leather seats, new carpeting, headliner, door panels and dash pad. Although this work was done 25 years ago, the car remains in good condition. It has been garaged in New Mexico and driven sparingly. This car is not a numbers matching restored Charger. It reflects the car I wanted to drive. Among the significant changes is replacement of the 727 automatic transmission with a four speed 833. At this point I think the best thing to do is to let the images to speak for themselves. 6F59D29A-2E21-45C0-A305-FBBFF7AFCBC1.jpeg F7E939B8-20E8-4334-AA9D-E4ECB2F05C71.jpeg 7E14DEFE-E6A6-4303-9E8B-0FC822A46A0F.jpeg 2B3E5ACC-27B9-456F-9A74-5DC2220CEC39.jpeg F7E939B8-20E8-4334-AA9D-E4ECB2F05C71.jpeg

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  1. BBodyC
  2. nmb0003
    Great looking car! What’s your suspension set up? Curious is it lowered or stock height, stock spindles?
  3. DeltaV
    Beautiful car. It looks like it's "ready for business"!
  4. 340challconvert
    Nice looking Charger:steering:
  5. chucklbunny
    Beautiful Charger ! :thumbsup:
  6. 66383
    Drive on Bill!!:steering:
  7. Ironbuilt
  8. Ironbuilt
    Looks good, I love the color combo.
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