Charger -71

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  • FCEAD2A2-967B-4017-A042-DE924BD55D19.jpeg F7FD0F2F-888C-4E6D-AFEF-66D4856F65EE.jpeg 43E4C784-BF14-4AD4-AC04-35375E72C967.jpeg FBEE4B5A-86B5-4603-AA9C-9B9D74A54059.jpeg B48CD147-6EB3-4E56-AE60-705348A81CB6.jpeg 14AD1976-D5A4-498E-8E2E-529D142F454B.jpeg Dodge Charger SE 1971, Hemi orange, 4-speed, track pack Dana 60, black interior with buckets, front discs, one of 29, build sheet. Currently putting it together after rot series. Improved original car. (Ramcharger hood)
    Dodge Charger R/T not so original..but a ram charger.
    RMS front coil over suspension and rear 4-link awaiting to go in there after a planned rotisserie. I also have the 5-speed from SSS, wilwood disc 6 pistons front, 4 rear. Full interior from a BMW M6 is also present with full power seats, rear seat will also be used 2+2 with other words. Further down on the list will be can-bus and a lot of other upgrades including a 6.4 modern Hemi.
    Currently also Hemi orange, but might end up in green.
    Last but not forgotten a Chrysler 300G convertible.
    Original white, but now red, I have most likely done everything on this car the last 19 years. Just finished up a total engine rebuild.

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  1. Charger72
    Beautiful, gotta love the Ramcharger hood as well.
  2. 340challconvert
    Can't beat hemi-orange:steering:
  3. 66ChargerHI-PO
    Great looking project! Love the color. Best of luck with it. Please post more pics when it's done.
  4. HD539
    Love the color.
  5. bobgears
    very cool car
      68Moparmaniac likes this.
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