few pics of my cars

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  • IMG_0137 (800x600).jpg IMG_3918 (2).JPG IMG_3924.JPG IMG_3920.JPG IMG_3922.JPG $T2eC16VHJF0E9nmFRoweBQUk+Gz3r!~~60_12  13.jpg $T2eC16hHJIQE9qUHuz+nBQUlBHyW!w~~60_12  21.jpg $T2eC16RHJHIE9nyseHcsBQUl!en52!~~60_12  19.jpg $T2eC16N,!yEE9s5jEbFPBQdI4ktp6g~~60_12  15.jpg $T2eC16RHJIYE9qUcOQgDBQUlBcd!Kw~~60_12  22.jpg Scan0014.jpg
    $(KGrHqNHJ!0E+PJsrzDsBQUlCJdgCw~~60_12  23.jpg
    $T2eC16dHJHEE9ny2sr(GBQUk+d4gL!~~60_12  15.jpg
    my 71 R/T mr norms charger 440 4 speed ,came with all dealer paperwork

    and the SE 383 magnum auto
    TI_71_Charger_730d97d098c959c5b98b_40.jpg TI_71_Charger_730d97d098c959c5b98b_42.jpg TI_71_Charger_730d97d098c959c5b98b_43.jpg TI_71_Charger_730d97d098c959c5b98b_44.jpg TI_71_Charger_730d97d098c959c5b98b_45.jpg TI_71_Charger_730d97d098c959c5b98b_47.jpg TI_71_Charger_730d97d098c959c5b98b_50.jpg TI_71_Charger_730d97d098c959c5b98b_51.jpg 71 se.jpg TI_71_Charger_730d97d098c959c5b98b_89.jpg
    TI_71_Charger_730d97d098c959c5b98b_94 (2).jpg
    and the roadrunner 340 4 speed
    DSC_0040[1].jpg 1.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 9.jpg 11.jpg 14.jpg
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  1. Hey-O
    plumb crazy every time, well done!
      polywideblock likes this.
  2. MFP
    Hi mate .... all are lovely ... gotta be honest though ... the RR in plumb crazy has “ drive me home “ all over her lol
      polywideblock likes this.
  3. Ironbuilt
    That is an awesome bunch of B Bodies you have there.
      polywideblock likes this.
  4. multimopes
    Wow, I love them all!
      polywideblock likes this.
  5. Thomas Schwartz
    What a great group of Cars. You really should be proud...

    70 hemicuda vert clone, triple black, 4 speed, rally dash, shaker, rotate between Weld and Rally Wheels...
      polywideblock likes this.
  6. MFP
    Love plum crazy
      polywideblock likes this.
  7. 6T9RT
    Beautiful cars
      polywideblock likes this.
  8. DeeTee
    gotta luv the $54 destination charge!
      polywideblock likes this.
  9. 6t6slodart
    Nice batch of cars my friend! I'll take the '71 RR! Actually, any of them will do! Thanks for the show!
      polywideblock likes this.
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