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  1. 1963JAM
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  2. Riverdawg
    Bad Ass Coronet!!!!
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  3. blue69runner
    One bad looking mother. You don't see many in that good of condition. Or even see them at all. Have fun and enjoy that beautiful car.
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  4. stanz
    Sooooooo Verrrrryyyyy NICE!!!!
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  5. 65Bel
    Hi again Linden. Thanks for the great pics here as well as your story over in Welcome Wagon on this fabulous Coronet. An absolute dream car! I just learned from your pics of the dash and Registry sheet that I have a twin of your H4B dark blue steering wheel on my '65 Belvedere right now while my original H1B light blue wheel is being restored by 65satelliteman in Michigan. Had no idea until now what code it is! Best to you!
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