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  • with steelies.jpg 1983 maybe (2).jpg brrr1.jpg 1187022_735649446468275_563338304_n.jpg From trunk.jpg Front veiw at dusk.jpg 820850037948215.jpg with steelies.jpg 1983 maybe (2).jpg brrr1.jpg 1187022_735649446468275_563338304_n.jpg

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  1. Wingfoot
    Greetings runnerbo! Back halfing your Roadrunner really changed its character! The stance and quality of workmanship looks right on! Good Job!

    runnerbo, I don't want to be labeled as a downer on what you have done, but the drive tires shown in your pictures appear to me to be roundy-round dirt tires used in sanctioned racing venues on open-wheel sprint cars. If I am right, I hope you used them for the fabrication work only and not using them as street tires. There is absolutely NO sidewall stiffeners in a dirt tire that works GREAT on a light dirt car in the high-banked turns but making handling on the streets in a 4,000 lbs B-body dangerous. The wide wheels you are using will help stabilize "race tire wiggle" on straight runs, but on the curves, get ready for a white knuckle flight......... I speak from experience using a much smaller race tire on the rear. Nothing happened, but I was never so scared in my life.............

    Tire wear on a dirt tire used on the street is non-existent, but who cares about tire wear on a Pro-streeter? There are many D.O.T. approved street tire manufacturers with big tire offerings that look fantastic, wear much longer and work much better on the turns than dirt track tires. Luv Ya Man!
  2. 66ChargerHI-PO
    Is this a Pro-street vibe, and could you please tell more about the car?
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