Look at What the FBBO Secret Santa Gave Me for Christmas!

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  • First off, we have an awesome six pack sized cooler: IMG_20200104_095940197.jpg Perfect for toting those
    mandatory DDP's in cool comfort!

    Next comes what was inside.... IMG_20200104_095859125.jpg
    A real by-God FBBO coozy! I didn't even know these existed.

    REAL friggin maple syrup. I love me some of that - wife has in-laws in that business up in Vermont,
    so we get some once in a while.
    Who knew Pennsylvania was in the biz, though? I didn't.
    It's DELICIOUS, by the way. Having some right now with breakfast, in fact. :thumbsup:

    REAL Pennsylvania honey? Get outta town! Again, I had no idea....and yes, it's damn tasty.:thumbsup:

    Again, I'm caught at a loss for words. Apparently some of you know who was in on all this, but nobody
    is telling me....
    So all I can say, again, is THANK YOU for the obvious time, effort and most of all, thought that went into
    all this for me.

    Hell man, I ain't nobody. I don't half know how to act in these situations...probably not doing this right,
    but I felt like the least I could do would be to document the gifts and express my gratitude.
    :luvplace:This joint is pretty awesome, ya know. :)

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  1. R413
    Heck yeah, you’re doing it right! Nice gifts for you, enjoy.
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  2. Jerry Hall
    Great gifts from great friends.
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  3. Ironbuilt
    That's awesome Ed. Happy New Year my friend.
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  4. 66ChargerHI-PO
    Very very cool Ed. Thanks for sharing. As you said I didn't even know the B-bodies Only cozzy existed either. By the way that cooler is from the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals show, I also have one. Hope all is well with you.
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  5. 70chall440
    Very cool
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  6. BBodyC
    Here comes Santa Clause...Here comes Sana Clause ………….:steering:
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  7. kiwigtx
    A very nice bag of swag Ed. Congrats. :thumbsup:
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  8. 66383
    Yeah' this joint's pretty awesome! Enjoy ed!:thumbsup::moparsmiley:
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